Archives: 2014-2020

What's New in 2020

December 16 Egg Drop in 2020 Video
November 27 Sinterklaas Visits the Museum in 2020 Video
October 28 "Outbreak 1918-1920  . . . " Museum Exhibit 
October 14 "The Immigration of Early History . . . " Reprinted Book
October 8 New Historical Driving Tour Activity
September 2 Miffy Part 2 - Craft Video
September 2 Who is Miffy? Video
August 13 Direct Your Dollars™ - $119,876 Fund Raiser
August 12 Beyond the Museum Walls Activity
August 7 Gift Shop Fund Raiser
August 7 New Volunteer Opportunities Support
August 7 Donating Items and Collections Support
August 1 Museum Opened Announcement
June 11 Kid's Downtown Scavenger Hunt Activity
June 4 "I SPY" at the Zeeland Cemetery Activity
May 23 Historical Self-Guided Walking Tour Activity
April 15 "Service News 1944-1946" Historical Newsletters
March 16 Museum Closed Announcement
March 16 "Quietest Spot in U.S.? - Zeeland, Mich."  Chicago's American
March 5 2nd Graders Visit the Museum Class Trip
February 29 Party for Miffy's 65th Birthday Children's Activity
February 14 Happy Valentine's Day! Vintage Cards
February 8 Miffy visits Zeeland Event
January 25 Fun for Valentine's Day Children's Activity
January 22 MIFFY, the beloved Dutch rabbit Museum Exhibit
January 18 ZHS Annual Dinner - Nov. 14, 2019 Event
January 7 Open House for Tom and Suzy Frederick Event
January 4 DeKruif House, Signatures Found Photo Collection
January 4 Smith, Mary 1947 Zeeland Centennial Photo Collection

What's New in 2019

December 31 Egg Drop on New Year's Eve Event
December 14 Jenison Museum (Tiffany House) Road Trip
November 8  "Zeeland's Memories" School Bell Series
October 26  "Celebration Halloween" Children's Activity
October 11 "Experience a 1900s School Room" School Bell Series
October 7-31 October is Family History Month Display
October 5 Re-Enactors Visit the Zeeland Museum Event
October 3 Direct Your Dollars™ - $100,000 Fund Raiser
September 21 "Language of Flowers and Fans" Event
August 31 "Corn Sheller and Corn Crafts" Children's Activity
Aug 2, 3 and 4 Summer Train Show Event
July 27 Watermelon Fun Children's Activity
July 18 "The Abandoned Bride" Documentary Event
June 29 Remembering Flag Day Children's Activity
June 22 "The Victorian Lady" Visits the Schoolhouse Event
June 14 "Herman Miller Picnic Posters" School Bell Series
June 2 Ottawa County One-Room Schoolhouse Tour
May 25 Making Poppies to Honor our Veterans Children's Activity
May 23 "Museum Displays Classic Posters" Zeeland Record
May 18 Volunteers Visit the Hoffman Museum Road Trip
May 14 Herman Miller Poster Exhibit Exhibit
May 10 "Fill-er Up: Gas Stations in Zeeland" School Bell Series
May 1 Direct Your Dollars™ - $72,974 Fund Raiser
April 27 Planting Seeds and More Children's Activity
April 22 Welcome Dutch Dancers! Event
April 22 German POW Dog Tag, WWII Artifact
April 22 Vriesland Reformed Church Printing Blocks Artifact
April 18 "Historical Society Features Speaker Series" Zeeland Record
April 17 Easter Eggs and Baskets - March 30 Children's Activity
April 15 Direct Your Dollars™ - $69,905 Fund Raiser
April 5 Howard Miller Library Photo Collection Photo Collection
March 19 2nd Graders Visit the Schoolhouse Class Trip
March 18 Meet Debbie Albert - New Board President Announcement
March 18 Vande Luyster Square - NW Corner Interpretive Sign
March 18 Vande Luyster Square - Public Park Interpretive Sign
March 16 Royal Visit - Oct 2-3, 1997 Photo Collection
March 7 2nd Graders Visit the Museum Class Trip
March 5 Tribute to Peter Brill Research
March 1 New Events Calendar for 2019 Enhancement
February 27 Bernice Bouwens Wins a Silver Medal Artifact
January 20 Zeeland Winters in Furs and Photos Exhibit
January 13     Drenthe School Reunion - 1936  Photo Collection     
January 13 Drenthe Photo Collection    Photo Collection
January 18   Direct Your Dollars™ - $62,700 Fund Raiser

What's New in 2018

December 22  

Zeeland Chamber of Commerce - NEW      Research Room

December 1

Sinterklaas Visits the Museum                Event

November 12

Christmas at the Museum Display

November 8

ZHS Annual Dinner Event

November 6

Second Floor Overview Video 

October 23

The Ottawa County Poor Farm Event

October 18

Direct Your Dollars™ - $56,075 Fund Raiser

October 6

Pumpkinfest at the Museum Event

October 3

Textiles --> The Schoolhouse Announcement

October 2

Tools --> The Barn Announcement 

September 28

Cannon Restoration Announcement

September 24

Heritage Home Plaque Program Looking Back ...

September 22

More About WWII Ration Books Research

September 22

WWII Ration BooksNEW INDEX Research Room

September 19

Print this page Website feature

September 15

Elementary and Middle School New Yearbooks

September 9

In-Depth View - Back Home Wall Exhibit

August 23

Annual Ice Cream Social Event

August 20

Herman Bartels - KIA, World War I Family History

August 20

New Security System Announcement

August 7

Social Media on our Website Enhancement

August 4

Welcome Audrey Rojo! Announcement

August 2

Wedding Exhibit in the News! Zeeland Record

August 1

MEMORIAL - Mary Jane Vander Weide May Obituary

July 29

Direct Your Dollars™ - $50,582 Fund Raiser

July 26

American Legion Karsten Post #33 Photo Collection

June 21

A Century of Wedding Dresses  Exhibit

April 29

Direct Your Dollars™ - $42,874 Fund Raiser

April 27

Ceramic Painting and Urn Artifacts

April 23

Dutch Dress: Then and Now Exhibit

April 23

Dutch Dancers in Zeeland Event

April 15

Translated Postcards Photo Collection

March 30

Zeeland in America Research

March 12

Direct Your Dollars™ - $39,171 Fund Raiser

January 17

Direct Your Dollars™ - $34,814 Fund Raiser

January 15

"My Mother Was a 'Robin'" by Linda Kolk

January 11   

Suzy's Retirement Open House  Event                                     

What's New in 2017

December 2 Sinterklaas Visits the Museum Event
November 30 Sinterklaas is Coming to the Museum Zeeland Record
November 17 Docent Appreciation Luncheon Event
November 16 Christmas at the Museum Display
November 13 A True WWII Hero - Egbert Vander Kooi  Family History
November 11 Shoemaker Family Research  Family History
November 3 "Round Robins" - NEW INDEX Research Room
November 1 Online Photos By Keyword Research
October 24 Direct Your Dollars™ - $30,558 Fund Raiser
September 25 Valentines in September Temporary Exhibit
September 15 Sitting Room Display East Window 
September 15 Strike Up The Band! West Window 
August 31 Direct Your Dollars™ - $26,232 Fund Raiser
August 24 Ice Cream Social Event
August 17 Picture the Past At Society's Website Zeeland Record
August 12 Vande Luyster Square in Focus Timeline
August 5 Photo Collection Online Research
July 15 Direct Your Dollars™ - $23,619 Fund Raiser
July 14 New Mannequins in Pioneer Room Display
July 11 Daughters of Union Veterans Visit the Museum Tour
July 8 Show & Shine Car Show Event
July 3 Photo Collection - Religion / Portraits Research
June 15 Back to the Beach West Window Display
June 1 WWI and WWII Artifacts on Display Temporary Exhibit
June 1 "IDEAL" Fireless Cooker Artifact
May 27 Herman Miller Wall Clock  Artifact
May 27 "Evelyn June" Doll   Temporary Exhibit
May 24 Students Visit Schoolhouse on Apr 17-21  Feedback
May 9 "Red Hatters" Visit the Museum Tour
May 6 History of the Frisian "Staartclock" Artifact
May 4 New Parking Lot at the NG Schoolhouse Announcement
May 3 Direct Your Dollars™ - $13,491 Fund Raiser
April 25 "Saving the Soil" Event
April 19 & 24 Dutch Dancers Visit Zeeland Event
April 17-21 Students Visit Museum and Schoolhouse Class Trip
April 17 Business Histories - Updated Research Room
April 17  Sheet Music 1878-1954 - NEW INDEX Research Room
April 12 Corn Sheller 2017 Class Trip
April 10 New Website Calendar Announcement
April 8 New Railing at Museum Announcement
April 4 Direct Your Dollars™ - $11,462 Fund Raiser
March 27 New Signs at Museum Announcement
March 15 Bike with Flowers East Window Display
March 13 Direct Your Dollars™ - $7,788 Fund Raiser
March 11 Happy Birthday, Gertrude! Event
March 7 Exploring the Museum Virtual Tour
March 2 Gertrude Van Haitsma Still Young At Heart Zeeland Record
February 24 Elizabeth Vander Muelen Discovery
February 22 Clocks, Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor Display
February 22 Herman Miller Wall Clock - November 2016 Artifact
February 19 1950s Flightliner Bike Artifact
February 18 Art Deco Kitchen Table Artifact
February 10 Redesigned Toy Room Display
January 29 Direct Your Dollars™ - $5,753 Fund Raiser
Winter 2017 Dorothy Voss Recognized ... "Chronicle" - HSM

What's New in 2016

December 21 Do You Have Classroom Experience? Announcement
December 10 Snow White, the Witch and Seven Dwarfs Artifact
December 3 Sinterklaas Visits the Museum Event
November 30 Shop at AmazonSmile Fund Raiser
November 24 "Sinterklaas Stops at Local Museum"  Zeeland Record
November 23 Direct Your Dollars™ - NEW PROJECT Fund Raiser
November 21 Christmas at the Museum Display
November 19 "Zeelander" Articles - INDEX Research
November 10 Veneklasen Bricks Saved! Artifact
November 1 New Benefit for Members - NARM Announcement
October 28 Election Ballot Box Display
October 24 Take a Toy Soldier Home Display
October 1 Early Hearing Aid Artifact
September 30 Wire Dress Form Artifact
September 29 Dorothy Voss "retires" from board Holland Sentinel
September 29 Dorothy Voss' Open House Event
September 20 West Window Display Display
September 2 Estates and Wills - 1953-1967 Research
September 1 In The News . . .  2008-2014 Holland Sentinel/mlive
August 30 Photo Collection - INDEX: City of Zeeland Research
August 28 Descendants of Early Settlers Research
August 18 40th Anniversary and Ice Cream Social Event
August 18 "Zeeland History Exhibits Come Alive" Holland Sentinel
August 18 "Tree Branches Out As History Chronicler" Zeeland Record
August 12 "Witness Tree, Zeeland Museum" Holland Sentinel
August 11 "New Museum Exhibits Give History A Voice" Zeeland Record
August 10 Laundry Porch Display
August 4 "Welcome to Walters Gardens" Event
July 18 Fundraiser at Walters Gardens Holland Sentinel
July 18 Carpet Squares for the Schoolhouse Announcement
July 6 West Window Display Display
June 21 New Rack Card Announcement
June 13 Joints Repaired at the Museum Announcement
June 4 "Wait Station" Then and Now                       Artifact
June 4 Room Changes - Parlor, Vets, Toy, Dining Display
June 1 New Groningen School - DVD Store
May 28 Baert Family Display                                 Display
May 28 / June 22 New Gallery Display                                  Display 
May 26 Photo Collection - INDEX: Education Research
April 25 East Window Display                               Display
April 21 "Yesterday" Articles - INDEX Research
April 14 Operating a Corn Sheller - videos Class Trip
April 13 Heritage Home Plaque Program Announcement
March 28 "Thumbnails" Articles - INDEX Research
March 26 "Oude Nederzetters" (Old Settlers) - INDEX Research
February Gallery Renovation / The Way it Was    Announcement
February 13 Business History Collection - INDEX Research Room
January 27 Van Koeveringen Historical Toolbox Artifact
January 17 Zeeland Honor Roll - WW2 - INDEX Research
January 12 Stars and Stripes Newspaper Articles - INDEX Research
January 11 New Brochure Announcement
January 10 The "Timeline" Newsletter - INDEX Research
January 10 Personal Bible and Hymnals - INDEX Research
January 2 West Window Display


What's New in 2015

December 31 New Mural Display
December 14 Wi-Fi at the Museum Announcement
December 9 Dutch Showcase Display
December 9 Gouda and Delftware  Display
December 2 Lest We Forget . . .   Display
November 27 Family History Collection - INDEX Research Room
November 19 Sing-along with Marie Event
November 14 "Herman Miller archives open" ~ 2 Holland Sentinel
November 12 Herman Miller Archives Tour  Event
November 5 "Herman Miller archives open" ~ 1 Holland Sentinel
November 4 "Going to Zeeland" by Asa and Ella Class Project
November 1 Zeeland High School Yearbooks - INDEX Research Room
October 29 Howard Miller Library Display Display
October 28 Class in a One-Room Schoolhouse Class Field Trip
October 22 "Kids interested in local history" Holland Sentinel
October 15 City Directories - INDEX Research Room
October 1 Cemetery Stroll Event
September 30 Antique Quilt Artifact
September 30 Redesigned Hall of Pioneers Announcement
September 28 "Hosting Cemetery Stroll" Holland Sentinel
September 19-20 "Zeeland Historic Home Tour 2015" Holland Sentinel
September 12 Death Records online - INDEX Research Room
September 12 2015 Historic Home Tour Event
September 9 "Zeeland's Historical Home Tour"
September 5 116-year-old "painted lady"
August 26 Ice Cream Social Event
August 26 Updating Signs at the Schoolhouse Announcement
August 13 "Museum Swims into 'Summer Fun'" Zeeland Record
August New Roof for Museum Announcement
July 28 99 Days of Summer Holland Sentinel
July New Sign for Schoolhouse Announcement
July 15 New Computer Equipment Announcement
July-September Summer Fun - Exhibit
June 10 "The Big Read" Holland Sentinel
May 30 "Memorial Room honors"  Holland Sentinel
May 29 "Memorial Room'"  Holland Sentinel
May 25 Veterans' Memorial Room Grand Opening
May 21 "Wars' Sacrifices Are Not Forgotten" Zeeland Record
May 14 "Veneklasen Brick Presentation" Holland Sentinel
April 22 What is a Corn Sheller? Class Trip
April  Waterproofing the Basement Announcement
March 23 Dining Room Suite Artifact
March 15 "Coca-Cola Collection" Holland Sentinel
March 13 "Coca-Cola memorabilia display" Holland Sentinel
March 1 Coca-Cola - Exhibit  Display
February 26 "Digitize collection" Holland Sentinel
January 24  Dutch Doll 


January 2 "Collection of popular Hummel plates, figurines ...

Holland Sentinel


What's New in 2014


December 6     Sinterklass at the Museum and Christmas Crafts Event  
November 8 Hummels and "Twas the Night Before Christmas"    Artifact
Sept - Nov   Back to the 70s - Exhibit Display
September 1     The War Room The Way It Was