Internships For College Students

The internship programs are unpaid. However, the Zeeland Historical Society will work with the student to meet internship requirements for college credit.


We are looking for college interns enrolled in a Public History or related program.


Internship hours can be completed during regular museum hours, Tuesday through Friday between 10am to 5pm and Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. We are looking for someone who can put in anywhere from 5-25 hours per week.


  1. Create an organizational system for storing completed archival collections
  2. Processing Collections by following archival standards
  3. Scan delicate archival materials (eg.. newspapers, photographs, etc.)
  4. Preliminary inventories of drawers, cabinets, books
  5. Create indexes for vertical files, calling cards, death/funeral announcements
  6. Rehousing/refiling using proper archival practice
  7. Digitizing and filing photographs
  8. Create organizational system for filing oversized archival material
  9. Properly store and archive digital material (e.g. collection of CD-ROMS, Floppy Disk, VHS)



  1. Learn and perform proper accessioning methods for donated artifacts
  2. Learn proper deaccessioning methods
  3. Learn and use Past Perfect to accession and catalog artifacts
  4. Research artifacts for the purpose of identification and to provide accurate descriptions
  5. Preliminary inventories of shelves, boxes, cupboards
  6. Clean and reshelf artifacts in storage
  7. Assist with identifying non accessioned items
  8. Assist with renumbering artifacts using approved practices for museum collections


Programming Intern Objectives:

1.  Transcribe oral history interviews from audio. 

2. Research documents and pictures relating to the interview. There could be anywhere from 1-100 depending on the interviewee. 

3. Collect/Scan photographs and documents to the appropriate file digitally. 

3. Complete the necessary meta-data needed to upload the interview. 

4. Create index of oral histories with search terms

5. Create digital organizational system to effectively store and sort all the components.



   see Oral History Internship

For questions call Audrey at 616-772-4079 or contact us.


To apply, please submit a STATEMENT OF PURPOSE and RESUME to Audrey at  Or mail your completed paperwork to: 

Zeeland Historical Society

PO Box 165 

Zeeland, MI 49464 

ATTN: Audrey