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Visit our Amazon Wishlist to directly purchase items for the museum. 




I just supported the Zeeland Historical Society at AmazonSmile. 

I shop. Amazon gives.


With every purchase made, AmazonSmile will donate a portion of your purchase to the Zeeland Historical Society. Just make sure you are shopping on smile.amazon.com and that you have selected the "Zeeland Historical Society" as your beneficiary. 

Through the Direct Your Dollars program, the Zeeland Historical Society can earn $1,000, simply by collecting $150,000 in eligible receipts from any of the more than 150 Spartan/Nash-owned retail stores or fuel centers in nine states.


Bring in your receipts to the Dekker Huis Museum or mail them in.P lease do not tear the bottom off the receipts when you donate as we are unable to use them in that condition.