The Timeline is published quarterly by the Zeeland Historical Society. It contains updates from the historical society and historical research on the Zeeland area. Members receive a hard copy in the mail. For information on becoming a member, visit here.


Timeline Editor: Linda Kolk

2022 Contributors: Katelyn Bosch VerMerris, Audrey Rojo, Kenneth Kolk



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These editions can all be accessed in our Google Drive Archive. The archive can be searched by keywords or browsed in order.  A full hard-copy archive is also available at the Dekker Huis Museum. An index to the hard copies is available on our website.

Past Editions PDFs

Spring 2021

-Meet the Director

-Treasure in the Archive: Dr. Thomas G. Huizinga

-King's Day

-New Board Members: Dr. Robert Swierenga and Megan Heyl


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Summer 2021

-The Vande Luyster Legacy League.

-Summer Exhibit: Miffy and DeStijl

-Oral Histories

-New Board Member: Andrea Dekker



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Fall 2021

-Thoughts on Genealogy

-New Exhibit on Clock Industry

-Cupola repaired on Barn

-New Pump Organ

-Cornelius Vander Muelen


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Winter 2021

-Musings on Heritage

-Role of Volunteers

-A Civil War Christmas

-Thank you to our Donors and Sponsors

-Year in Review


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Spring 2020


-Meet Miffy

-Parkview Home  attic discovery

-New Board Member: Sharon Hendrickson

-Historic House Plaque Program


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Summer 2020

-Heal The Zeel

-Pandemic in Pictures

-Grants update 

-Take me out to the Ball Game

-New Groningen: Industrial Center



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Fall 2020


-Museum is open with more hours

-Pandemic in Pictures

-Persecution, Pandemic, and Worship Spaces

-Board Transitions


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Winter 2020


-Exhibit: Outbreak 1918-1920: The Zeeland Record Reports

-2020: A Year of Progress

-Anna Keppel Book.

-Thank you List


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Summer 2019


-Exhibit on Summer Picnic Posters

-Dekker Huis Museum, a place for children.

-Posters from the navy.



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Fall 2019


-Partnership with GVSU.

-Why do people come to the museum?

-Show and Shine Car show.

-Spyker Clocks


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Winter 2019


-Visitors from the Zeeuws Archives and Zeeuws Museum in The Netherlands

-Education at New Groningen

-Who visits museum


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