"IDEAL" Fireless Cooker - June 1, 2017

In this “IDEAL” Fireless Cooker, there is a round stone that was heated in a fire and placed in the bottom of the cooker. You would then set your pan on top of the stone to bake.


The heat was locked in with a triple seal top and the aluminum compartment lining, which was filled with water.


Because of these heat-conserving features, you could bake biscuits in fifteen minutes, pies in twenty to thirty minutes and perfectly browned loaves of bread in an hour. And, in just an hour and a half, you could roast a tender, juicy, delicious chicken!


The Toledo Cooker Co. of Toledo, Ohio, manufactured this solid oak fireless cooker with metal handles and locking latches.

c. Early 1900s

The "IDEAL" Fireless Cooker is located in the Dekker Huis kitchen on the main floor of the museum.