Snow White, the Witch and Seven Dwarfs - December 10, 2016

While locating dolls for the Toy Room at the museum, we ran across this 9-piece set featuring Snow White, the witch and seven dwarfs. The set looks very old and quite possibly predates the 1937 Snow White film produced by Walt Disney. The figurines are hand painted and made of clay.


My online search was unsuccessful. Looking for the age, value and manufacturer of this set. 


If you can offer help or direction, please contact the webmaster. Thank you!

Fun Facts

  • Little Snow-White was written in 1812 by brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Germany
  • The dwarfs were not named in the original Brothers Grimm version of Snow White. 
  • On October 31, 1912, the story opened as a Broadway play. It was in this play that the dwarfs first received names. Those names were: Blick, Flick, Glick, Snick, Plick, Whick, Quee
  • In Walt Disney's first animated file in 1937, the dwarfs were renamed: Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey