"From Logs to Pipes: Zeeland's Clean Water Treatment Plant" - April 12, 2019

On April 12 Doug Englesman from the City of Zeeland Clean Water Plant gave the inaugural presentation titled, "From Logs to Pipes: A History of Clean Water in Zeeland." He began with a historical overview of waste water systems including Roman, medieval, and American systems.


Zeeland began waste water treatment early and by 1900 had more dedicated sewer lines than New York City (at that time a less progressive municipality than Zeeland in terms of water management). Zeeland leaders were visionary when it came to clean water, and Zeeland has maintained that early excellence.


While most of us do not think much about water treatment, it is a highly technical and complex process, and doing it well is essential to the health of our community.


Source: Kolk, Linda. “From Logs to Pipes: Zeeland’s Clean Water Treatment Plant.” Timeline, vol. 46, no. 2, May 2019, p. 4.