Herman Miller Wall Clock - May 20, 2017

The Zeeland Historical Society received this beautiful Herman Miller wall clock in May of 2017. As is the case with the larger Herman Miller wall clock that we received in November 2016, we have not been able to find this one's history nor its true age.   c. 1926-1937

About the Herman Miller Clock Company

The Herman Miller Clock Company was launched in 1926, as the clock division of office furniture manufacturer, Herman Miller.  


Then, in 1937, Dirk Jan De Pree, the company’s CEO, turned the Herman Miller Clock Company over to his brother-in-law, Howard Miller, who renamed it the Howard Miller Clock Company.


What many people do not know is that Howard Miller was the son of Herman Miller, and when the doors of the Howard Miller Clock Company actually opened, it was directly across the street from the Herman Miller Furniture Company, both of which still remain in Zeeland, Michigan.


Herman Miller Clocks are comparably very rare compared to Howard Miller Clocks, and are prized by collectors and interior decorators alike.