What's New in 2019

October 11 "Experience a 1900s School Room" School Bell Series
October 7-31 October is Family History Month Display
October 5 Re-Enactors Visit the Zeeland Museum Event
October 3 Direct Your Dollars™ - $100,000 Fund Raiser
September 21 "Language of Flowers and Fans" Event
August 31 "Corn Sheller and Corn Crafts" Children's Activity
Aug 2, 3 and 4 Summer Train Show Event
July 27 Watermelon Fun Children's Activity
July 18 "The Abandoned Bride" Documentary Event
June 29 Remembering Flag Day Children's Activity
June 22 "The Victorian Lady" Visits the Schoolhouse Event
June 14 "Herman Miller Picnic Posters" School Bell Series
June 2 Ottawa County One-Room Schoolhouse Tour
May 25 Making Poppies to Honor our Veterans Children's Activity
May 23 "Museum Displays Classic Posters" Zeeland Record
May 18 Volunteers Visit the Hoffman Museum Road Trip
May 14 Herman Miller Poster Exhibit Exhibit
May 10 "Fill-er Up: Gas Stations in Zeeland" School Bell Series
May 1 Direct Your Dollars™ - $72,974 Fund Raiser
April 27 Planting Seeds and More Children's Activity
April 22 Welcome Dutch Dancers! Event
April 22 German POW Dog Tag, WWII Artifact
April 22 Vriesland Reformed Church Printing Blocks Artifact
April 18 "Historical Society Features Speaker Series" Zeeland Record
April 17 Easter Eggs and Baskets - March 30 Children's Activity
April 15 Direct Your Dollars™ - $69,905 Fund Raiser
April 5 Howard Miller Library Photo Collection Photo Collection
March 19 2nd Graders Visit the Schoolhouse Class Trip
March 18 Meet Debbie Albert - New Board President Announcement
March 18 Vande Luyster Square - NW Corner Interpretive Sign
March 18 Vande Luyster Square - Public Park Interpretive Sign
March 16 Royal Visit - Oct 2-3, 1997 Photo Collection
March 7 2nd Graders Visit the Museum Class Trip
March 5 Tribute to Peter Brill Research
March 1 New Events Calendar for 2019 Enhancement
February 27 Bernice Bouwens Wins a Silver Medal Artifact
January 20 Zeeland Winters in Furs and Photos Exhibit
January 13     Drenthe School Reunion - 1936  Photo Collection     
January 13 Drenthe Photo Collection    Photo Collection
January 18   Direct Your Dollars™ - $62,700 Fund Raiser