Doctors' Office

A replica of a 1940s through 1950s Doctor's office.


The Doctor’s [Office] started because Dr. Ben Nykamp asked us if we wanted his father’s examining table.


Dr. Russell Nykamp delivered lots of Zeeland babies during the 1930s – 1950s. His wife, Erva, was a registered nurse and they delivered many babies at the house. Her bag is in that room. When she gave it to us herself, it was still packed, ready to go. Also the glass slides for blood came from him and are in the case, as well as other things.


Dr. Boone’s sign is outside the room by the door. 


Dr. Kemme was the Drenthe Doctor and delivered babies at home, but also used Zeeland Hospital. He had two adopted girls living out of State and they asked if we could use the things from his office.


Dr. [Thomas] Huizenga’s bag is also in that room. The Central Ave. Hospital was named for him.


Written by Wilma Veldeer, November 2015