School Bell Series

The School Bell Series features local speakers, local stories. It is an opportunity to learn about our community together. The School Bell Series happens every other month, usually on the second week of the month. 


Date Time Topic Location


January 13


 School Bell Series:

"The 1851 Brawl at Zealand's First Church"

Presented by Dr. Robert Swierenga

First Reformed Church


March 11


School Bell Series:

"Life in the Civil War in Michigan"

Presented by Carl and Cherrie Weener

1881 New Groningen Schoolhouse


May 19


School Bell Series: "The Interurban: It Came and Went"

Presented by Dave Brooks

1881 New Groningen Schoolhouse

Upcoming School Bell Series

Past School  Bell Series

"Life in the Civil War in Michigan"

We had a wonderful School Bell Series on March 11 on what it was like for people during the Civil War. Carl and Cherrie Weener have been re-enactors for over 14 years and know many details about the experience of life during the war. They shared many of their artifacts with us and described them. 

Thank you to the Weeners for sharing their knowledge and to all who attended!


January 13, 2022
"1951 Political Brawl at Zeeland's First Church", by: Bob Swierenga


October 14th 2021

"The Spendor of Faith: The Renovation of the Organ at Second Reformed" by Gordun Bruns


August 12th 2021

"World War I at Home and Oversees" by Katelyn Bosch VerMerris

June 10th 2021

"Uncovering History: The Colonial Clock Building" by Michelle Hoogewind

Jun 10, 2021

Uncovering History: The Colonial Clock Building

PRESENTER: Michelle Hoogewind

Mar 13, 2020

Law and Order, Zeeland Style

PRESENTERS: Bill Gruppen (Fire Chief), Larry Veldeer (Police Chief) and Les Hoogland (Mayor)

Dec 15, 2019

A Civil War Christmas: The Dutch Company of the 25th Michigan Volunteer Infantry in 1862


Nov 8, 2019

Zeeland Memories

PRESENTER: Dorothy Voss

Oct 11, 2019

Come Back to School: Experience a 1900s Schoolhouse

PRESENTER: Robert Boehm

Sep 13, 2019

Paul de Kruif - Zeeland's Literary Pioneer

PRESENTER: Linda Karsten Kolk

Jun 14, 2019

Designed for Summer: Herman Miller Picnic Posters

PRESENTER: Audrey Rojo

May 10, 2019

Fill-er Up, the History of Zeeland's Service Stations

PRESENTER: Jack Van Eden

Apr 12, 2019

From Logs to Pipes: Zeeland's Clean Water Treatment Plant

PRESENTER: Doug Englesman