We just added a photo insert to the DVD. The insert identifies the eight former students who attended the New Groningen School way back when. They are: Philo Reimersma, Jack Nagelkerk, Ron Buter, Elaine Veneklasen Van Zoeren, Genevieve DeJongh Huizenga, Marvin Leeuw, Ivan Leeuw and Allen Reimersma.  See image below.

DVD: Memories From The New Groningen School

This delightful DVD features eight former students, all over the age of 80, who discuss their memories of the Historic 1881 New Groningen Schoolhouse.


Several mention the "Giant Stride", a Maypole of sorts on the playground. "Playing ball before and after school was our passion", said one student. "Our team was called the 'New Groningen Hustlers' and we never lost a game". Another student remembers coming back from Christmas vacation one year in the 1930s to find outdoor toilets had been replaced with indoor ones!


Videographers: Peggy Alofs Becker and Chad Becker

Producers: Holland City Television Productions


Presented by the Zeeland Historical Society

DVD Release Date: 2013

Run Time: 35 minutes


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