The MAIN STREET permanent exhibit, designed by Suzy Frederick, opened in August of 2012.


It showcases a sampling of nine business types located in or near downtown. With the vast number of businesses in our history, we were unable to represent them all.


The Zeeland Record - May 19, 1960
The Zeeland Record - May 19, 1960


Weekends downtown were once a beehive of activity.


This advertisement from the Zeeland Record in the I950s shows the retailers' support in encouraging both the locals and people from outlying areas to came to for weekly bargains, have dinner out and say "Hello" to their friends and neighbors.


This double headed parking meter was used on Main St. by the city of Zeeland until they were all removed in 1989. 


The canister below was for the convenience of the driver to deposit his parking fine.


This building just east of the museum was once the main office of B.J.W. Berghorst Plumbing. Its official beginning was in the early 1900s. It later expanded in to heating and electrical work.


Mr. Berghorst can be seen standing in front of his store in 1910. After I00 years this company is still serving the Zeeland area.