The Grounds at 37 E. Main in Zeeland, MI

This series of pictures shows how the Dekker-Huis / Zeeland Historical Museum has changed over time.

1. 1917 - The store front as it stood in 1917. Notice the windows on the upper floor.

2. 1975 - The front of the store in 1975 shows a different facade and new windows on the upper floor. The Historical Society purchased the property from Randall Dekker in 1974.

3. 1987 - By 1987 the store front had been restored. Notice the empty space for the new addition.

4. 2004 - The new addition was completed in 1997.  Notice the upper floor windows on the store front. 

Dekker Huis / Zeeland Historical Museum 

37 E. Main, Zeeland, MI