Clock Care Tips

·        Always store your clock level, either on a shelf, wall, or the floor. Unlevel storage can cause a clock’s pendulum to be off balance and could cause the clock to stop running.

·        Temperature control is key. Avoid fluctuating temperatures. Try to keep the temperature between 70- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit.

·        Humidity should be between 35-50% in the summer and 40-60% in the winter. Humidity and dryness control is particularly important for maintaining a clock’s wooden case and painted elements on a clock’s dial.

·        Dust or vacuum your clocks often.

·        Avoid light exposure from windows.

·        Be sure to read your clock’s instructions. Know how to wind your clocks, remember, each one is different. Most clocks should only be set clockwise. Do not turn the hands counterclockwise.

·        Avoid moving your clocks, unless necessary. When moving clocks, grip at its most sturdy area, remove any moving parts, such as weights and the pendulum, and avoid moving them while they are running.

·        Use gloves to touch the metal parts of the clock.

·        Clocks should be cleaned and oiled to keep them running. Be sure to use clock oil. Other lubricants can break down and cause friction. Friction is a clock killer!

·        Avoid using detergents or water when cleaning clock cases or dials. Dry dusting or soft brushing is recommended.

·        Do not overwind your clocks. Learn to properly wind your clock, each clock is unique!

·        Winding should be done regularly and preferably the same day of the week for 8-day clocks.

·        There are pros and cons to running your clocks. If you choose to run them, ensure that they will be inspected every 5-10 years.

·        To maintain a running clock, make sure you clean and oil them often and replace worn parts.

·        Keep wooden clock cases away from vents, fireplaces, and direct sunlight.


Clock resources:

·        Visit to find a service center or parts near you.

·        For how-to videos, expertise, and more, check out the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors at

·        The Grand Rapids Public Museum has several trade catalogs from Zeeland companies, check those out at

·        Clock oil can be purchased at any home improvement store or online.

·        Visit the Henry Ford Museum website to learn more about their historic clock collection and clock conservation at


Clock Repair Services in the Area:


Tuinstra's Clock Repair    

11102 Canyon Creek Dr.
Zeeland, MI 49464 
Phone: 616.772.2694

Holland Clock Company

39 East 8th Street

Holland, MI 49423

Phone: 616.796.1277



Steve De Young

99 W. 18th St.
Holland, MI 49423 
Phone: 616.393.8166
Mobile: 616.990.0850

Hill’s Expert Clock Repair

5085 Stanton St

Hudsonville, MI 49426
Phone: 616.669.3854


Clock Service & Repair

3320 Cornerstone Lane

Holland, MI 49424

Phone: 616.772.6226