Zeeland Clock Industry

Clock manufacturing in Zeeland has a long history. The Dutch were known for their woodworking skills and found plenty of trees for furniture and clock making when they settled here. With Grand Rapids already featuring a robust furniture industry, Zeeland quickly developed their own furniture manufacturers. Through the years, Zeeland became a leader the clock industry.



The four clock companies in Zeeland were Colonial Manufacturing, Herman Miller and Howard Miller, Trend Clock Company, and H.L. Hubbard. Although Howard Miller is the only clock manufacturer left in town, highly collectible clocks from all four companies can still be found in homes and museums throughout the United States. 


In 2021, the Zeeland Historical Society received a grant the Furniture Manufacturers’ Heritage Advised Fund to put on an exhibit, repair some clocks in the ZHS Collection, and compile some research and resources. 

Tips to identify your clock

We have a number of resources at the Zeeland Historical Society to help you identify your clocks. 

Clock Care Tips

Do you have a historic clock? We have some tips and tricks on how to maintain it!