"Timeline" Newsletters - Index

Since its formation in 1974, the Zeeland Historical Society has published a newsletter. Officially called "The Timeline" in February 1976, the newsletter shares the society’s goals and achievements, articles on historical events, and stories submitted by members.


The "Timeline" newsletters listed below are located in the Zeeland Museum's research room.


Compiled by Suzy Frederick - January 2016

Updated: June 2019 

A&P Store   Photograph Fall 2006
Albers Geert  Jr. Biography Fall 2002
Alsum Gertrude A Neighbor Summer 1996
Avery Irene Teacher Spring 1991
Baert Antonie & Maatje Property Owner Summer 1988
Baert Daniel Property Owner Spring 1989
Baert Daniel Zeeland President Summer 1997
Baert Daniel, Dr. Biography Spring 1997
Baert George Property Owner Spring 1989
Baert George Heinrich Biography Spring 1992
Baert Maatje Gunst Biography Spring 1992
Baert Oscar Property Owner Spring 1989
Baert Family   History Spring 2014
Baron David Property Owner Spring 1989
Baron Melvin WW II Veteran Summer 1995
Baron Ruth House Plaque March 1982
Baron William Property Owner Spring 1989
Bartels Levi Biography Spring 2010
Bauman Bill Postmaster Spring 1998
Benjamin Anna Teacher Spring 1991
Benjamin Heber C. 1908 Graduate Summer 1991
Berghorst Grietje A Tribute To Fall 1990
Berghorst Laura Christmas Story Winter 1995
Beukema’s Restaurant   Photograph Winter 2006
Beyer Hip Needlepoint Fall 1996
Blauwkamp Arloa Christmas Story Winter 2002
Bloemendaal D.C., Dr. Physician Winter 2003
Blok J. Druggist Spring 1989
Boehm Robert Docent Biography Summer 2011
Boerman Todd Home Plaque Winter 2016
Bolier David C. Biography Spring 1998
Bolman Kay Docent Biography Fall 2011
Boone Fire   Store Destroyed Winter 2001
Boone General Store   Fire  - 12/19/1938 Spring 1995
Boone Store   Fire - 9/7/1924 Winter 2001
Borr Vernon WW II Veteran Summer 1995
Bosch’s Restaurant   Memories Of Summer 2000
Bosma Fred Police Chief Fall 2001
Bouwens Grandpa/Grandma Residents Summer 1999
Brandt George Property Owner Summer 1991
Brandt George & Mrs. Resident Winter 1998
Breen Cornelius Property Owner Fall 1987
Brower David & Clara House Plaque Winter 2011
Brower David & Clara Garden Tour Summer 2012
Bruins Marguerite Christmas Story Winter 1994
Bruins Marguerite Docent Biography Fall 2007
Burgers Jan Student Summer 2000
Cherry Street School   By Gone Days Fall 1993
Chicky Restaurant   History Of Summer 2010
Christmas Tree Ship   History Of Winter 2008
Christopher Mary Docent Biography Fall 2012
City Hall School   8th Grade Spring 1993
City Of Zeeland   Seal & Motto Summer 1992
City Of Zeeland   Your Hometown Spring 1996
Clarey’s Café   History Of Winter 2014
Clark Jarrett N City Attorney Winter 2002
Claver Willard Postmaster Spring 1998
Clavers   Mortuary Summer 1989
Clock Industry   History Of Spring 2013
Coburn Corrie 1895 Graduate Summer 1991
Cook Peter Property Owner Winter 1992
Cook   House Plaque May 1982
Curnick Nancy ZHS President Spring 2008
Danielson Carl Property Owner Spring 2009
De Pree Fire   Store In Flames Winter 2001
DeBoer John Resident Spring 1997
DeBruyn Robbertus M. Property Owner Spring 1989
DeBruyn Robbertus M. Teacher Summer 2000
DeHaan Reitse Property Owner Summer 1999
DeJonge Adelaide Childhood Story Winter 2011
DeJonge Chris Distillery Spring 1992
DeJonge Chris Zeeland President Summer 1997
DeJonge Sheryl Docent Biography Fall 2014
Dekker Kirk Property Owner Spring 1992
Dekker Randall Plaque Project Winter 1987
Dekker Randall Memory Yesterday Fall 1994
Dekker Randall City Attorney Winter 2002
Dekker Randall In Memoriam Spring 2004
Dekker Jewelry Store   Robbery Fall 2007
Dekker-Huis Museum   Security System May 1980
Dekker-Huis Museum   House Plaque Summer 1980
Dekker-Huis Museum   House Plaque July 1980
Dekker-Huis Museum   Pioneer Room January 1984
Dekker-Huis Museum   Log Cabin March 1984
Dekker-Huis Museum   Oriental Rugs Fall 1985
Dekker-Huis Museum   Church Room Summer 1987
Dekker-Huis Museum   New Annex Fall 1990
Dekker-Huis Museum   Annex Progress Winter 1990
Dekker-Huis Museum   Annex Completed Spring 1991
Dekker-Huis Museum   New Addition Winter 1997
Dekker-Huis Museum   Addition Complete Summer 1999
Dekker-Huis Museum   Barn Planned Spring 2001
Dekker-Huis Museum   Flood Spring 2003
Dekker-Huis Museum   Barn Dedication Summer 2003
Dekker-Huis Museum   Cannon Summer 2005
Dekker-Huis Museum   Main St. Exhibit Summer 2012
Dekker-Huis Museum   Main St. Open Fall 2012
Dekker-Huis Museum   Interurban Blgd. Winter 2013
Dekker-Huis Museum   Exterior Repaint Fall 2014
Dekker-Huis Museum   Veterans Room Spring 2015
Dekker-Huis Museum   POW-MIA Flag Spring 2015
Dekker-Huis Museum   Vets Room Open Summer 2015
Dekker-Huis Museum   Vets Room Open Fall 2015
Dekker-Huis Museum   Security Camera System Installed Summer 2018
Dekker-Huis Museum   Room by Room Summer 2018
Dekker-Huis Museum   Bridal Display Fall 2018
Dekker-Huis Museum   History of Cameras Fall 2018
Dekker-Huis Museum   Herman Miller Picnic Posters Spring 2019
DeKock Peter Property Owner Autumn 1988
DeKruif Henry Property Owner Winter 1992
DeKruif Barn   To Museum March 1982
DeKruif Barn   To Museum March 1982
DenBesten Kim Docent Biography Summer 2007
DenHerder Christian M. Biography Winter 2000
DenHerder George House Moved Autumn 1999
DenHerder Jacob Election 1876 Spring 2000
DenHerder Jay City Attorney Winter 2002
DenHerder Jay H. 1908 Graduate Summer 1991
DenHerder   House Plaque May 1982
DePree Arthur 1894 Graduate Spring 1991
DePree Charlotte Memories Winter 1989
DePree Edith In Memoriam January 1984
DePree Edward 1908 Graduate Summer 1991
DePree Edward, Mrs. Resident Winter 1998
DePree Elaine Docent Biography Winter 2007
DePree Elaine Christmas Story Winter 2013
DePree Henry Property Owner Fall 1987
DePree James C. Property Owner Summer 1991
DePree Jan Property Owner Fall 1987
DePree Jan Early Pioneer Summer 1993
DePree Johannes Zeeland President Summer 1997
DePree Johannes Historic Home Spring 2009
DePree John H. 1895 Graduate Summer 1991
DePree Josie Biography & Photo Spring 2007
DePree Lester Firefighter Summer 2001
DePree Lester Asst. Police Chief Fall 2001
DePree P. Henry Historical Marker Winter 2013
DePree Pieter Henry 1st City Mayor Summer 1997
DePree Pieter Henry Village President Summer 1997
DePree Willard A. Zeeland Achiever Summer 1994
DePree & Elenbaas Factory   Auction Summer 1991
DePree & Elenbaas Factory   A Long Time Ago Winter 1994
DePree & Elenbaas Factory   Fire – 5/6/1896 Spring 1995
DePree & Elenbaas Woodworking   Fire Summer 2006
DePree Company   Fire – 9/7/1924 Spring 1995
DePree Hardware   Merchant Summer 1997
DePree Store   Fire – 9/7/1924 Winter 2001
Derks Harry Biography Summer 1999
Derks Ward WW II Veteran Summer 1995
Derks & Buter Coal Photograph Summer 2004
DeRoo Cornelius Property Owner Autumn 1988
Dethmers John City Attorney Winter 2002
DeVries James Stove Donor Winter 1988
DeVries Studio   Fire – 11/30/1985 Spring 1995
Diemer Bill Blacksmith Spring 1993
Diemer William Biography Fall 2003
Dionise Frank Restaurant Owner Fall 1998
Ditmar Mr. Bakery Owner Fall 1989
Donkersloot James City Attorney Winter 2002
Doornbos Robert Artist Fall 2008
Downtown Poolroom   Photograph Summer 2005
Downtown Zeeland   Map Fall 2003
Dunlap Lisa ZHS Board Fall 2009
Dutch Doll   Collection Summer 2001
Dutchess Shop   History Of Summer 2014
Dykewell Corey Story Spring 2007
Dyksterhouse Jennie A. Biography Summer 1994
Dykstra Robert Property Owner Winter 1992
Elenbaas Peter Washer Inventor Fall 2001
Elhart Bill & Mary Home Plaque Summer 2009
Elhart Marilyn Artifacts Donation Fall 2017
Elhart Simon WWI Artifacts Fall 2017
Ellens Stanley Property Owner Winter 1992
Elzinga Dick Road Trip 1915 Fall 2005
Elzinga Peter Road Trip 1915 Fall 2005
Essink Ron Sports Hall Fame Summer 2010
Everhard Allie 1894 Graduate Spring 1991
Everhard John D. Zeeland President Summer 1997
Faber Faber Property Owner Winter 1992
Fire Department   1885 Fire Bell Spring 1988
First Reformed Church   Old Parsonage Spring 1988
First Reformed Church   Saugatuck Outing Fall 1989
First Reformed Church   Saugatuck Outing Summer 2012
First Reformed Church   Saugatuck Outing Fall 2015
Ford Gerald R. Plaque Fall 2007
Frank’s Restaurant   Dionise History Fall 1998
Frederick Suzy Docent Biography Summer 2007
Frederick Suzy New Curator Spring 2008
Frens Ed Resident/Donor Summer 1999
Frens Ed & Marilyn Delft Collection Summer 2000
Frisian Clock   Artifact Summer 2000
Giebel John Railroad Engineer Spring 1993
Great Lakes Shipwrecks   History Of Summer 2008
Gruppen Bill Fire Chief Spring 1995
Haan's Drugs   History of Spring 2019
Hardy Judy Docent Biography Winter 2010
Harsevoort Joe & Lynne Property Owner Summer 1991
Hashbarger Isa B. Teacher Spring 1991
Heasley Goldie 1908 Graduate Summer 1991
Heasley William G., Dr. Home Demolished Summer 2002
Heck Joy E. City Attorney Winter 2002
Heemstra Lucille Teacher Spring 1993
Heerema George ZHS Board Spring 2009
Heerema George Docent Biography Summer 2011
Heinz H.J. History of Spring 2017
Hendricks Ed Biography Winter 2004
Hendricks Emma Nurse Spring 2002
Hendrickson Sharon Docent Biography Winter 2010
Het Waterhuisje Monument   Landmark Fall 2013
Hieftje Gerrit Firefighter Summer 2001
Hieftje Marty Poultry Industry Fall 1989
Hieftje Market   History Of Summer 2007
Hirdes Mike Bakery Owner Fall 1989
Hoesch Timothy Property Owner Spring 2000
Hoffman Gladys Christmas Story Winter 1992
Hoffman Howard 15 Book Collection Spring 1989
Hoffman Joan DePree Christmas Story Winter 2000
Holland Lighthouse   History Of Big Red Winter 2008
Holmes Madeline Property Owner Summer 1988
Hoogland John Christmas Story Winter 1994
Hoogland John Water Tank Story Winter 1996
Hoover Robert Sports Fame Summer 2008
Hop Rosie Docent Biography Summer 2007
Horton Miracle Washer   Artifact Summer 2000
Huizenga Anna Resident Spring 2009
Huizenga Anna J. Teacher Summer 2000
Huizenga Betty Memories Winter 1991
Huizenga Cleo In Memoriam Fall 1997
Huizenga Gen Docent Biography Winter 2008
Huizenga Katie 1895 Graduate Summer 1991
Huizenga Tamme A. Property Owner Spring 1990
Huizenga Thomas Zeeland President Summer 1997
Huizenga Grocery   History Of Summer 2015
Huizenga Store   History Of Summer 1996
Hulst Jan Early Settler Spring 1989
Hulst Shawn ZHS Board Spring 2008
Huyser Harvard ‘Harv’ Docent Biography Fall 2014
Johnson Albert A. & Lola Property Owner Winter 1992
Johnson Alvin  WW II Veteran Summer 1995
Johnson Thelma Docent Biography Winter 2008
Jurries Albert ‘Doc’ Raleigh Man Summer 2000
Kamps Berend Zeeland President Summer 1997
Kamps Bernard Postmaster Spring 1998
Kaper Gertrude Peddler Story Summer 1993
Kaper Gertrude Shopping Memory Summer 2002
Karsten Bill Postmaster Spring 1998
Karsten Case Chamber Retire July 1983
Karsten Case Christmas Story Winter 1989
Karsten Gerrit 1908 Graduate Summer 1991
Karsten H.H. & Bro. Auto Dealer Spring 2006
Karsten Peter H. Biography Spring 2000
Keppel Derk Biography Summer 1997
Keppel Govert Childhood Winter 1989
Keppel Govert Zeeland President Summer 1997
Keppel Huibert 15 Book Collection Spring 1989
Keppel Huibert Early Settler Winter 1989
Keppel Huibert Transport Staves Summer 1998
Keppel Huibert 1871 Fire Story Fall 2001
Keppel Lena 1895 Graduate Summer 1991
Keppel Magdalena A Pioneer Story Fall 1992
Kiel Donna Docent Biography Summer 2012
Kiel Donna Volunteer Summer 2018
Kitch Mrs. J.W. Teacher Spring 1991
Knoper Ronald Property Owner Summer 2002
Kole Ford Dealership   History Of Spring 2015
Kole Ford Dealership   Illustration Summer 2015
Kolk Ken Biography Spring 2019
Kolk Linda Biography Spring 2019
Kollen Benjamin Property Owner Autumn 1988
Kollen George House Plaque Fall 2010
Kollen   House Plaque March 1982
Koning Joe Railroad Agent Spring 1993
Kornoelje Lance & Susan Property Owner Spring 2009
Kossen   Property Owner Spring 2009
Kraai Dora In Memoriam Summer 1991
Kraal Karen Donates Beauty Salon Spring 2017
Kraay Patricia DePree Christmas Story Winter 1999
Kragt Tom Sports Hall Fame Summer 2010
Kroll Margaret Docent Biography Winter 2007
LaHuis Albert & Mrs. Mystery Solved Spring 2001
LaHuis Albert & Mrs. Home Demolished Fall 2006
LaHuis Albert & Mrs. Disappearance Summer 2013
Languis Martin Resident Fall 1987
Larson Del Railroad Agent Spring 1993
Lawrence Park   Grand Opening Spring 2006
Lawrence Park   WW II Induction Spring 2006
Looman Gerard M. WW II Veteran Summer 1995
Lowe William Resident Spring 1997
Lubbers Mary Docent Biography Spring 2013
Maans Elena Docent Biography Fall 2007
Machiela Thelma Docent Biography Spring 2014
Masselink Dr. Story & Photo Fall 2006
Matthysse Elaine Docent Biography Summer 2013
Maul Hendrick Property Owner Autumn 1988
Meeboer Jacob Blacksmith Fall 2004
Meengs George Post Office Clerk Spring 1998
Meeusen Lee Christmas Story Winter 1999
Meeuwsen Dave Resident Fall 1987
Meeuwsen Gertrude Hieftje Christmas Story Winter 1997
Memorial Fountain   History of Summer 1986
Meyers Hannes City Attorney Winter 2002
Miller Herman Property Owners Winter 1992
Miller Howard Property Owner Winter 1992
Miller Howard 1905 – 1995 Winter 1995
Miller Howard Fire – 6/25/1961 Spring 1995
Millinery Fox Photograph Summer 2006
Miniature Barns   Model Donated Summer 2001
Minnema Maurice & Lyla Property Owner Summer 1989
Moeke & Sons Factory   Fire – 10/18/1916 Spring 1995
Moerdyk Jacobus Property Owner Fall 1987
Moerdyke Jacobus 15 Book Collection Spring 1989
Mortuary Clavers Business Summer 1989
Mulder Albertus House Plaque Summer 1980
Mulder Albertus Resident Fall 1987
Museum Cannon   History Of July 1983
Museum Cannon   Artifact Summer 2005
Museum Cannon   Refurbished Summer 2011
Naaije Isaac Hotel Owner Fall 1992
New Groningen Cemetery   Historic Marker Fall 2009
New Groningen Marker   2nd Dedicated Spring 2002
New Groningen School   ZHS Purchase Spring 2006
New Groningen School   Restoration Fall 2009
New Groningen School   Restoration & Bell Winter 2009
New Groningen School   Restoration Fall 2010
New Groningen School   Restoration Fall 2011
New Groningen School   Completed Winter 2011
New Groningen School   Education Grant Spring 2013
New Groningen School   Debt Plea Summer 2013
New Groningen School   Programming Winter 2013
New Groningen School   Oral History DVD Spring 2014
New Groningen School   Desk Sponsorship Summer 2014
New Groningen Village   History Of Summer 1999
New Groningen Village   Historic Marker Winter 2001
Nibbelink Doug & Renee House Plaque Fall 2010
Nienhuis Dr. Veterinarian Summer 1999
Notting William Mail Carrier Winter 1993
Nykamp Henrietta Teacher Spring 1993
Oetman Geert & Helena Property Owner Spring 1988
Oetman Gerrit Property Owner Spring 1990
Oetman Gerrit Property Owner Summer 2002
Oggel Derrick C. Property Owner Spring 1990
Old Settler’s Monument   Landmark Spring 1990
Old Settler’s Monument   Landmark Fall 1992
Old Settler’s Monument   Landmark Fall 2013
Olive Township Cemetery   Pillars Of Honor Fall 2011
Ossewaarde Helen Teacher Spring 1991
Ossewaarde Peter Property Owner Fall 1987
Ossewaarde William Property Owner Fall 1987
Ottawa County Poor Farm   History Of Spring 2010
Penning Chris ZHS Board Winter 2008
Petrie John School  System Spring 1991
Phenix Cheese   History Of Winter 2006
Pieper John Property Owner Spring 1989
Pieper John Barbershop Summer 2005
Poultry Industry   Historic Marker Winter 2007
Poultry Industry   Historic Marker Winter 2009
Poultry Industry   Marker Dedicated Fall 2010
Pratt Paula ZHS Board Winter 2008
Prins Henry K. Resident Spring 1990
Pruim Evert J. Property Owner Spring 2000
Public Market   Zeeland’s First Summer 1998
Puckett Rebecca Property Owner Spring 2009
Query John WW II Veteran Summer 1995
Raak Charlie, Sr. Resident Winter 1999
Rabbers Jan Colony Founder Fall 2001
Raterink Bernie Sports Fame Summer 2008
Raterink Norma Docent Biography Spring 2008
Redder Henry Biography Fall 2008
Riedsma Irene In Memoriam Summer 2007
Ringia Meindert Property Owner Spring 1990
Roden Scott ZHS Board Fall 2009
Roden Scott Home Plaque Winter 2016
Roebuck Justin Home Plaque Winter 2016
Roelofs Jacob WW II Veteran Summer 1995
Roosenraad Cornelius Notary Public Summer 1989
Roosenraad Cornelius Zeeland President Summer 1997
Roosevelt Franklin Plaque Fall 2007
Rosine Sharon Docent Biography Fall 2013
Royal Casket Manufacturing History of Spring 2017
Rybarczyk Frank Biography Spring 1999
Rybarczyk Howard Barber Winter 2003
Rybarczyk Family   Resident Fall 2010
Rynsburger Jim Sports Hall Fame Summer 2010
Sall Joe WW II Veteran Summer 1995
Saloon Shumay Merchant Autumn 1988
Schaap Hattie 1894 Graduate Spring 1991
Schaap Sid Asst. Fire Chief Spring 1995
Schaap Sid Barn Dedication Summer 2003
Schadelee Leendert Property Owner Spring 1990
Schantz Aaron & Alison Home Plaque Fall 2013
Schermer   House Plaque May 1982
Schilleman Agatha 1908 Graduate Summer 1991
Shoemaker Betty In Memoriam Spring 2004
Shoemaker John WW II Letters Spring 2005
Shoemaker Klaas Biography Spring 2018
Shoemaker Klaas Property Owner Fall 1987
Shoemaker Lawrence Property Owner Fall 1987
Shumay Saloon   Merchant Autumn 1988
Slabbekoorn Brothers   Property Owners Spring 1990
Slabberkorn Russell WW II Veteran Summer 1995
Smidderks Garritt Resident Spring 1990
Smith Mary Docent Biography Spring 2008
Smits Klaas Property Owner Spring 1990
Sneller Alto Memories Winter 1991
Splan Bill Blacksmith Spring 1993
Steenwyk Arlene Docent Biography Fall 2011
Steenwyk Cork Christmas Story Winter 2002
Steenwyk Henrietta In Memoriam January 1984
Stegeman Wilson Poem By Fall 1990
Sterken Bernd Family Reunion Summer 2009
Sterken James Model Log Cabin Summer 1988
Stoel Judy Volunteer Summer 2018
Tanis Dirk Resident Fall 1987
Ted & Eds Clothing Co.   Photograph Spring 2005
Traveling Trunks   Zeeland History Spring 1997
Tris Tante Teacher Spring 1989
Tris Tante Teacher Summer 1999
Tweedle Sylvia Huxtable Biography Summer 1996
Tymes Minnie 1908 Graduate Summer 1991
Tymes Sadie 1908 Graduate Summer 1991
Unity Roller Mill   Fire - 1896 Spring 1995
Unity Roller Mills   Fire – 8/6/1938 Spring 1995
VanAnrooy Pieter Flatboat Operator Summer 2008
VanBree Mary In Memoriam Summer 2009
VanBree & DePree Factory   Stave Makers Summer 1991
VandeBunte Michael Donates Pharmacy Artifacts Spring 2017
VandeLuyster Farm Netherlands Trip Summer 2017
VandeLuyster Grandma Memories Of Autumn 1988
VandeLuyster Jan Flatboat Operator Summer 2008
VandeLuyster Jannes Family History Spring 1996
VandeLuyster Jannes Immigration Winter 2000
VandeLuyster Jannes Descendants Of Summer 2004
VandeLuyster Square Historic Sign Fall 2017
VanDenBeldt Bill Barn Model Donor Summer 2001
VandenBosch DeNella Memory Winter 1993
VandenBosch Feed Mill 2002 Fire Summer 2016
VandenBosch Melle Merchant Spring 1989
VandenHoek Geesje 1st Post Office Winter 1993
VanderBurgh Doctor Property Owner Winter 1989
VanderBurgh John Artist Winter 1987
VanderBurgh John Artist Winter 1997
VanderBurgh John Christmas Story Winter 1998
VanderHeide Herbert J. Biography Winter 2011
VanderKooi David Property Owner Spring 1990
VanderMeulen Cornelius, Rev. Property Owner Spring 1990
VanderMeulen Cornelius, Rev. Biography Summer 1996
VanderPloeg Andrew Resident Fall 1987
VanderWal John & Reka Biography Fall 2003
VanderWall John Railroad Fall 1997
VanderWeide Jason WW II Veteran Summer 1995
VanderWeide Mary Jane Christmas Story Winter 1996
VanderWeide Mary Jane Director Resigns Fall 2007
VanderWeide Mary Jane Memoriam Fall 2018
VanderZwaag Harold Christmas Story Fall 2012
VanDeventer Vic ZHS Board Winter 2008
VandeWater William Property Owner Spring 2009
VandeWege Daniel Hotel Owner Summer 1990
VandeWege Jean In Memoriam Spring 1997
VanDieke Pieter Flatboat Operator Summer 2008
VanDorp Evelyn In Memoriam Winter 2010
VanDorp Evie Memories WW II Summer 1995
VanDragt Harold WW II Veteran Summer 1995
VanDyk Jan Resident Fall 1987
VanDyke Isaac Building Photo Fall 2006
VanDyke La Verne WW II Veteran Summer 1995
VanEden Dick WW II Veteran Summer 1995
VanEden Evert Bakery Owner Fall 1989
VanEden Jack New Volunteer Summer 2018
VanEden John Former Fire Chief Spring 1995
VanEden John Lunchroom Photo Winter 2005
VanEenenaam Benjamin Property Owner Fall 1992
VanEenenaam Benjamin Resident Winter 1998
VanEenenaam Herbert Property Owner Fall 1992
VanEenenaam Herbert Resident Winter 1998
VanEenenaam Isla Pruim Resident Spring 2000
VanEenenaam Jan Hotel Owner Summer 1990
VanEenenaam Jan Property Owner Summer 1991
VanEenenaam Jan Property Owner Fall 1992
VanEenenaam Jan My Grandpa Winter 1998
VanHaitsma Gertrude Docent Biography Winter 2011
VanHaitsma Scott Home Plaque Winter 2016
VanHees Johannes G. Property Owner Autumn 1988
VanHof Dan Resident Fall 1987
VanHoven Abram Tribute To Spring 1991
VanKampen Dena Resident Summer 1999
VanKley John WW II Veteran Summer 1995
VanKley Laverne WW II Veteran Summer 1995
VanKoevering Adrian Remember Papa Fall 1993
VanKoevering Anthonette Author Spring 2009
VanKoevering Anthony Biography Fall 1997
VanKoevering Antoinette Dedication Winter 2008
VanKoevering Antonia Thumbnails Fall 1985
VanKoevering Antonia Memories Of Summer 1991
VanKoevering Cornelius Accident Fall 1997
VanKoevering Toni Garland Range Winter 1993
VanKoevering Toni In Memoriam Spring 1997
VanLaren Cornelius Flatboat Operator Summer 2008
VanLoo Benjamin Property Owner Autumn 1988
VanLoo Benjamin Photograph Spring 2004
VanLoo Cornelius Property Owner Autumn 1988
VanLoo Cornelius Zeeland President Summer 1997
VanLoo Mary Memories Spring 1998
VanLoo William Zeeland President Summer 1997
VanPeursen George M. City Attorney Winter 2002
Vans Super Service   History Of Fall 2014
VanSytzama Daniel Mansion History Winter 2017
VanSytzema Daniel ‘Baron’ Biography Fall 2000
VanSytzema House    Artifacts Saved Winter 1989
VanVoorst Henrietta An  Interview Winter 1991
VanZoeren Ann Docent Biography Spring 2009
VanZoeren Johannes Biography Summer 2002
Veldheer Marlene In Memoriam Summer 2012
Veneklasen Benjamin Zeeland President Summer 1997
Veneklasen Gerrit Resident Spring 1997
Veneklasen Henry J. Owner Brick Co Spring 2001
Veneklasen Brick   Historic marker Winter 2009
Veneklasen Brick   Marker Dedicated Fall 2010
VerHage Cecilia Your Hometown Spring 1996
VerHage Cecilia 94 Yr. Treasure Fall 2000
VerHage Cecilia Christmas Story Winter 2000
VerHage Cecilia 100th Birthday Fall 2005
VerHage Cecilia 102nd Birthday Winter 2007
VerHage Cecilia Dedication Winter 2008
VerHage Cecilia In Memory Fall 2009
VerHage Ceilia Hometown Story Summer 2003
VerHage Marie Property Owner Summer 1989
VerHage Hardware   History Of Summer 1998
VerHage Hardware   Photograph Winter 2006
VerPlank Laura Christmas Story Winter 1995
VerPlank Marvin Property Owner Fall 1992
VerPlank Peter Sr. Property Owner Summer 1989
Veterans Monument   Dedication Fall 2000
Village Of Zeeland   Original Plat Map Summer 1991
Vinciguerra Chriss New Volunteer Summer 2018
Vinciguerra Denny New Volunteer Summer 2018
Vis Louie Former Fire Chief Spring 1995
Vis Louis Resident Summer 1999
Voss Dorothy ZHS Board Spring 2009
Voss Dorothy Society Founder Honored Winter 2016
Vriesland Village   History Of Fall 2002
Vyn Peter Resident Autumn 1988
Waalkes Phil & Annica ZHS Board Spring 2008
Wabeke Doug Sports Fame Summer 2008
Wabeke Jan 1st Oxen Owner Summer 1998
Walcott Joan Christmas Story Winter 2002
Walters Agnes Memory Winter 1993
Walters Jerome WW II Veteran Summer 1995
Walters Melvin WW II Veteran Summer 1995
Wells O.N. Railroad Agent Spring 1993
Wells Winona-Wells Railroad Story Spring 1993
Wentzel Wm. Postmaster Spring 1998
Werkman John D. Property Owner Summer 1989
West Drenthe School   House Plaque Winter 2011
Wichers Edward, Dr. Old Time Memory Winter 1992
Wichers William Property Owner Summer 1989
Wichers Company   Wagon Mfr. Summer 2003
Wiersma Sheila Docent Biography Winter 2013
Wildschut Anthonette Christmas Story Winter 1990
Wildschut Anthonette School Days Fall 1993
Wildschut Anthonette A Neighbor Story Summer 1996
Wildschut Jelle Ship Model Donor Winter 2000
Wilson Schyuler & Jessica House Plaque Fall 2010
Windmill Model   Artifact History Summer 1990
Windmill Model   Artifact History Summer 2004
Wissink Shirley Docent Biography Fall 2007
Wissink Shirley ZHS Board Spring 2009
Wolters Karla Docent Biography Summer 2014
Wyngarden Dennis Artifacts Donation Summer 2017
Wyngarden Dennis WWII Artifacts Fall 2017
Wyngarden Hatchery   Fire – 2/13/1931 Spring 1995
Yntema Kelly In Memoriam Fall 1997
Zeeland Downtown History of Canopy Winter 2016
Zeeland Hotel History of Winter 2016
Zeeland Alcohol   In & Out Fall 1997
Zeeland Bakery   Business Fall 1989
Zeeland Cemetery   Pioneer Marker Summer 1987
Zeeland Cemetery   Established 1928 Spring 1988
Zeeland Cemetery   Historic marker Fall 2009
Zeeland Cemetery   Markers Repaired Fall 2010
Zeeland Cemetery   Markers Repaired Fall 2010
Zeeland Cemetery   Living Cross Fall 2011
Zeeland Cemetery   Living Cross Fall 2011
Zeeland Depot   Transportation Spring 1993
Zeeland Fire   Fire Of 1871 Fall 1989
Zeeland Fire   Fire Of 1871 Fall 2001
Zeeland Fire Department   History  1877-1995 Spring 1995
Zeeland Fire Department   Zippy the Dog Fall 2001
Zeeland High School   1943 Reunion Winter 1993
Zeeland High School   Class of 1923 Summer 1998
Zeeland High School   Class of 1943 Spring 2003
Zeeland Historical Society   1st Meeting September 1974
Zeeland Historical Society   Collect Artifacts April 1975
Zeeland Historical Society   Purchase Museum May 1975
Zeeland Historical Society   Early Funding August 1975
Zeeland Historical Society   1st Payment September 1975
Zeeland Historical Society   1st Board February 1976
Zeeland Historical Society   Time Capsule Fall 1976
Zeeland Historical Society   1st House Plaque May 1980
Zeeland Historical Society   HISTOP Pilot September 1981
Zeeland Historical Society   Plaque Guidelines March 1983
Zeeland Historical Society   18 House Plaques Fall 1987
Zeeland Historical Society   Formation Of Summer 1992
Zeeland Historical Society   20 Yrs. Growth Spring 1994
Zeeland Historical Society   20 Yrs. Activities Summer 1994
Zeeland Historical Society   20 Yrs. Education Fall 1994
Zeeland Historical Society   20 yrs. In Review Winter 1994
Zeeland Historical Society   Formation Of Winter 1999
Zeeland Historical Society   Constitution Fall 2001
Zeeland Historical Society   Who Started It Spring 2009
Zeeland Historical Society   Preserving Past Summer 2009
Zeeland Historical Society   Accomplishments Fall 2011
Zeeland Historical Society   Parade Float Summer 2012
Zeeland Historical Society   Formation Of Spring 2013
Zeeland Historical Society   Parade Float Fall 2013
Zeeland Hospital   1st Hospital Spring 2002
Zeeland Hotel   History Of Summer 1990
Zeeland Hotel   History Of Winter 1998
Zeeland Hotel   Photograph Spring 2004
Zeeland Police Department   1943 Crime Spree Spring 2003
Zeeland Post Office   Nomination May 1983
Zeeland Post Office   First Winter 1993
Zeeland Public Market   First Summer 1998
Zeeland Public School   History Of Summer 1991
Zeeland Public Square   History Of Winter 2010
Zeeland Railroad   History Of Spring 1993
Zeeland School   1st School Summer 2000
Zeeland Sidewalks   1st Concrete Walks Summer 1999
Zeeland Signs   City Entrance Winter 2010
Zeeland State Bank   Fire – 12/19/1938 Spring 1995
Zeeland Street   1st Highway Winter 1987
Zeeland Streets   Reconstruction Summer 2001
Zeeland Streets   Improvements Summer 2002
Zeeland Timeline   Zeeland’s Firsts Fall 1990
Zeeland Timeline   Zeeland’s Firsts Fall 1990
Zeeland Water   Early Supply Of Spring 1989
Zeeland Water   Early Supply Of Fall 1993
Zeeland Water Tank   Demolished Winter 1996