Family Histories - Index

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Note: This index includes, but is not limited to, the family files listed below. We will be adding more information periodically, so visit us often. 


The Family Histories listed below are located at the Zeeland Museum.


Compiled by Janet Schoettle and Suzy Frederick - February 2016

Updated: August 2019

Alderink G. 1913, 2004 Letter and newspaper photocopy
Alferink Bernard/ Henrietta 2006 65th wedding anniversary announcements
Alofs Joe 1980 Wedding invitation
Ambrose Ken, Anne no date Brief newspaper announcement
Arendsen Andrew, Amy 1964 Real Estate document
Arendsen Earl/Lou 2007 50th wedding anniversary announcement
Arendsen Kathy 2015 Newspaper article
Arendsen Mike/Shanna   Birth announcement, Caleb
Arntz Leland/ Yvonne 2007 40th wedding anniversary announcement
Aukeman Owen   Newspaper photocopy
Baarman Martin 1993 Letter          
Baert George, Mattje 1849-1876 Transcribed letters -  Book on shelf
Barensse Marinus 1938-1969 3 letters
Baron David, Melvin 1929-1996 Newspaper article copies, report card
Baron Fran 1968 Community survey, article copy
Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands   1939-2013 News articles, notes from Netherlands-American Bi-Centennial Committee, scrapbook, calendars
Bekins Sjoerd 1992-2005 Family history, newspaper copies -  Book on shelf
Benjamin     Picture from newspaper
Berens Erv 1996 Newspaper article
Berghorst Margaret   Newspaper clipping
Beukema   1928-1942 Family reunion notes
Beyer Nicholas/
2001 Family history, newspaper copy
Blaukamp Marie   Newspaper article copy
Blauwkamp Jonathan/
2006 50th wedding anniversary announcement
Boehm Robert/
2007 50th wedding anniversary announcement
Boes Gertrude 1915 Wedding invitation
Boes Harris/Mildred 20006 50th wedding anniversary announcement
Boes Mary 1893-1895 Two school report cards from Borculo Public School
Boeve Jacob/Janice 2007 40th wedding anniversary announcement
Bohl Harold/Ruth 2006 65th wedding anniversary announcements
Bolier David, Helena 1991 original
Bonnema & Hiemstra Hietske & Steven 1882 Wedding announcement
Boone Egbertus   Book on shelf
Boone James 1962-1967 Newspaper article, family history
Boone Jan H.   Book on shelf
Boonstra Wopke 1865-2007 Transcribed letters, newspaper copies
Borgers Albert   Family history
Bos Jacob 1867-1916 Family history, letter, pictures (copies)
Bos Jan   Book on shelf
Bosch Harmon 1847-1989 Family history
Bosch Jan   Book on shelf
Bosch John 1950 Newspaper clipping - Book on shelf
Bosch Minnie   Copy of handwritten letter to Zeeland Historical Society concerning her husband’s (Dr. Gerald Bosch) military uniform.
Bosman Jan 1842-1910 Personal narrative (copy)
Boss Floyd/Ruth 2006 60th wedding anniversary announcements
Boss Laverne   School schedule
Bouwens Cora   Newspaper clippings
Bouwens Johannes 1875-1923 Document copies, book of poems
Bouwmeister   1912 Letter
Bouws J. Russell 1914-1952 Family history, magazine article -  Book on shelf
Bouws John R.  1875-1949 Book on shelf
Brill Peter   Note and house survey
Brinkhuis Benjamin & Elizabeth (VerLee) 1937 Marriage license (copy)
Brinks Bert, Mary 1921-1995 Family history
Brouwer Alvin/Isla 2006 50th wedding anniversary announcement
Brouwer Gillis 1996 Newspaper photo w/ caption
Brouwers Klaas 1850-1970 Family history, documents, pictures, letter
Brower Gerrit, Mary 1847-2000 Family history
Brower Glenn/Nellie 2006 50th wedding anniversary announcement
Brower Louis/Marian 2006 60th wedding anniversary announcements
Bruins Marguerite   Newspaper article copy, entry for Calvin
Brummel Jack, Lena 1920-1977 Documents, news articles, objects
Bulthuis Abel 1920-1953 Deeds, death certificate
Bultman James/Hattie 2007 60th wedding anniversary announcements
Bush President   Campaign materials
Buter Jacob no date Description of quilt donated to Historical Society
Buursma William D. 1997 Letter or transcript of speech
Bylstra Martin 1934-1950 AFL membership booklet, unemployment card
Carpenter Jessie 1918 Wedding invitation
Cass Sara 1898 Copy of graduation article
Clark Jarrett 2001 Brief biography
Claver Willard 1926-1933 Letter
Coburn Herman 1904-1927 Autobiography, Family history
Coburn Jacob    
Compagner Dean/Lorie 2007 25th wedding anniversary announcement
Dam Hendrick/
1847- Family history
Damstra Garrietta 2000 Newspaper photo w/ caption
Danhof Robert (Judge) 1953-1991 Newspaper article copies
DeBoer Mark, Anne, Luke 1997 Newspaper articles
DeBruyn David & Henrietta (Bosch) 1900 Summary of wedding dress (acquired by museum)
DeBruyn Robbertus 1894-1943 Family history, receipts, articles
DeJong Flossie 1905 Commencement address
DeJong Martha 1894-1902 Report cards, valedictory address
DeJonge Audrey 1952 Newspaper article copies
DeJonge Jan 1849-2005 Family register, article copy, documents; Book on shelf
DeJonge John, Reka 1983 Photo (copied) and article by Antonia
DeJongh Genevieve   Receipt for wedding decoration purchases Jan 23, 1945
Dekker Diedrick, Jantje 1866 Family history, will
Dekker Randall 1922-2003 Family history (in Dutch), article copies, obit.
Dekker     Book on shelf (Book of Dekkers)
DeKleine Keith, Jan 1996 Newspaper article
DeKoeijer John 1884 Report cards
DeKorne Marinus   Book on shelf
DeKoster Hazel 1937 Newspaper clipping
DeKruif Paul 1890-1986 Narratives, copies of articles, history paper, Book on shelf
DenDulk C. J. 1992- 1997 Newspaper articles
DenHerder Christiaan 1813-1954 Autobiography, family register
DenHerder Jacob 1834-1952 Narrative, publication, receipts Book on shelf
DePree Barbara 1952 Newspaper article
DePree Bruce, Elaine 2005 Newspaper article copy
DePree Dirk Jan (D. J.) 1891-1990 Biography, transcript, company publication, newspaper articles and copies
DePree Edna n.d. Newspaper article copy, tribute
DePree Gordon 1930-1976 Letter, photo
DePree Hugh, Max 1962-2002 Newspaper articles & copies, Hope College Magazine
DePree Jan   DePree Family photocopy & History of the DePree Family by Herbert G/ Keppel - Book on shelf
DePree Willard 1975-1997 Family history notes, newspaper articles and copies
DePutter Cornelius 1848-1878 Receipts, letters (in Dutch) with translated transcriptions, copies of photos.
Derks Gerrit 1848-1983 Family history and writings of Harry Derks - Book on shelf
Dethmers John 1983 Very brief biographical sketch
DeVries Folkert 1999 Centennial Farm certificate
DeVries Glen/Esther 2006 50th wedding anniversary announcement
DeVries Jan 1848-1880s Family history, newspaper clipping about David DeVries (1980)
DeVries Paul/Alma 2006 50th wedding anniversary announcement
DeWitt Geerts 1847-1857(?) Copy of translated autobiography
DeWitt Jack & Rich 2011 Newspaper article
DeWitt   1815-1939 Family history
DeWitte Leonard/
2006 60th wedding anniversary announcements
DeYoung Chris 1898-1971 newspaper article copies, vitae, photos
DeYoung Glen & Esther 1956 Newspaper article - wedding
Dickman Hillmer 1952 Copy of brief newspaper article
Dickman Larry   Obituary
Diemer Bill   Historical court report
Diemer Calvin/
2006 50th wedding anniversary announcements
Donia John & Jean (DeBruyn) unknown Brief write up of wedding and wedding dress
Dionise Frank, Dan 1924-2004 Narrative, newspaper article copies
Disselkoen Jacob 1917 Notice for draft physical
Dogeman Alfred    
Doll John 1929 newspaper article
Donkersloot James   Very brief article
Dornbos Renger, Bernard 1864-1977 Brief family genealogy
Duven Matt (Rev.) 1972 Newspaper article copy
Duyser Machael 1830-1900 Autobiography
Elenbaas Jacob 1898 Newspaper article - class profile
Elhart Simon, Justin 2000-2006 Newspaper article copies
Elzinga Richard F. 1905-1994 Book on shelf
Erlick Diet 1984 Autograph
Essing Hendrik 1848-1993 Family history, Centennial certificate application materials
Everhard Cornelia 1898 Copy of graduation article
Flokstra Bernie/Gloria 2007 50th wedding anniversary announcements
Ford Gerald 1949-2007 Newspaper articles, copies
Fox Evelyn   Newspaper notice
Frankena Nickolas 1908-1955 Newspaper articles, copies citizenship certificate
Freriks Hendrick no date Account of homestead
Frieswyk Melvin no date Open house invitation
Gebbens Gerrit & Grace   Wedding notice, brief
Geerling Kay 1980 Brief news article
Geerlings Jason/Thelma 1962 Mortgage agreement with Wyngarden
Geerlings Martin, Reka 1993-1989 Family history, news article
Geurink Betty 2012 Newspaper articles
Glerum Jacob 1816-1924 Family record
Glerum Lois 1902 - 1979 Report cards, Hope diploma, family tree for Jacob Glerum & Kornelia Dominehus descendants (handwritten), remembrance card for Mrs. A. Glerum
Gras John no date Account of battery store
Groen Ben no date Newspaper article copy
Groen Johannes 1850 Deed
Groenveld/Groeneveld/Groenevelt Herman, others 1915-1938 Wedding booklet, envelopes
Gruppen Harold, Bill WWII, 2005 Newspaper article, copy
Grysen Bernard   Book on shelf
Haakma Jon 1907-1978 Family history
Haan Gysbert 1768-1847 Family history
Hage Adrian 1841-1866 Family history
Haines Harvey/
2006 55th wedding anniversary announcement
Haines John/Pauline 2006 60th wedding anniversary announcement
Hall Edgar 1926 Business & Interurban history
Hamstra Anna    
Hartgerink Alexander 1802-1941 Biography, copies of letters (translated)
Hartgerink Harold 1942-1945 Memoirs of WWII service
Hasselman Egbert no date Short family history, map, pictures
Haveman William no date Family picture
Heasley William 1868-1934 Obituary, article
Heck Joy 1900-1920 Timeline, brief article
Helder Irene 1916-2002 Book - A Visit to Grandma's House
Hendricks Ed/Johannes 1886-1928 Newspaper article copies - Book on shelf
Hendricks Emma 1889-1958 Article and book - The Emergency Ward and Mrs. Emma Hendricks
Hendrickse   1918 Bank receipts
Heuvelhorst Gerrit H. and Alice (Elhart) 1912-1972 their wedding invitation (1912), hand written letter of regret for not attending wedding from Henry Stegeman (1912), postcard mailed from Simon Elhart in France to his uncle (1940s), War Department telegram from son Gerald (1945), 25th wedding anniversary news article (1937), 50th Anniversary Hymn (1962), 2 memorials for Alice (1972)
Heuvelhorst Gerald and Johanna 1940-2019 Sugar Ration Card (1940s),  Application for and certificate for National Life Insurance Policy (1943),  National Honor Roll document (1945), Settlement for Final Pay (1946), Honorable Discharge papers and Separation Qualification Record (1946), Form letter from the office of President Harry S. Truman, The White House, Benefits for WWII Veterans booklet (1947),  address book in Unipeco notebook (1959), postcard to Johanna from ‘Bill’ (1987), “A Brief History and U.S. Army Uniform” of Gerald by nephew Hugh Heuvelhorst (2019)
Heuvelhorst Jim/Henrietta 2006 65th wedding anniversary announcements
Heyboer Junior/Jean 2006 50th wedding anniversary announcement
Hieftje Gary 1956 Photos, civil service notice
Hieftje Johannes, Gerrit 1867-1930 Narrative
Hilbink Ray no date Newspaper photo w/ caption
Hillebrand - Linnemeyer Catherine 1923-1999 Pictures, notes, scrapbook
Hoezee Charles D. 1956 Newspaper notice
Hoffman Elizabeth 1930 Freshman/sophomore banquet program
Holleman Elaine   Newspaper notice
Hoogestegers Johannes, Adriaan 1847-1880 Family history
Hoogland Les 1994-2011 Newspaper articles, copies, pictures
Hoogstrate Arthur, Claire 1991 Newspaper article - 50th anniversary announcement
Hoogterp (and others) Hessel 1881-1940 Family histories
Hospers Henry 1817-1968 Book - Henry Hospers--The People's Friend follows immigrants from Overijssel to Iowa
Huizenga Anna 1896-1935 Newspaper articles, copies
Huizenga Cleo   Newspaper article copies, funeral program
Huizenga Dick 1938-1942 Receipts
Huizenga Harm 1893-1990 Book - The Huizenga Family in America
Huizenga William   Pictures
Hulvey Alma 1925-1983 Book - Across the Cobwebs of the Years (life in Vriesland)
Hunderman Richard 1993 Newspaper article - retirement
Huxtable - Tweedle Sylvia 1912-1981 Scrapbook, newspaper articles, letters, pictures
Huyser Quirinus 1847-1883 Family lists
Jekel Ida 1956 Newspaper notice
Jones Nellie Brinkley 2006 Newspaper article copy
Jonkheer/ Yonkers Johannes 1830-1873 Family list, Passenger list "Kroonprinz von Hanover"
Kaat Jim 1963-2013 Newspaper article, copies, memorabilia
Kamara Maria 1994-1995 Newspaper articles, copies, pictures
Kamps Ben 1918 Receipts
Kamps John Herbert   Photos/ scrapbook in reference section - Book on shelf
Karsten Cornelius "Case" 1979-2007 Newspaper article copies
Karsten Estella 1934-1935 Transcript, teaching certificate
Karsten Gerrit 1908 Commencement program
Karsten Kit 2006 Newspaper article, copy
Karsten Lucy 1909 Commencement program
Karsten Martha no date Newspaper article copy
Kass Glenn no date Business card for candidacy
Keegan Ginny 2004 Newspaper article copy
Kemme Gerrit 1972-1992 Newspaper articles, biography, scrapbook
Kemmers Henry 1913 Memoir
Keppel Huibert, Govert   Genealogy, family stories, translated; family history books  - The Zeeland Keppels (C. VerHage), Derk Kepper and Keppel Family History (incl. letters, translated), 24 volume set and 6 binders in reference section.
Keyzer Peter/Mae 2007 60th wedding anniversary announcements
Kievit Leonard 1885-1957 Birth & death certificates, narrative, newspaper article copy, will, book- Trees to Tulips
Kirn Ray, Debbie 2004 Newspaper article copy
Klanderman Jacobus 1865-1883 Brief family history
Kleinheksel Earl/Arlene 2007 50th wedding anniversary announcement
Kleinjans George no date Original writing, in Dutch
Klinge Albert 1982 Letter
Klomparens H. J. 1847-1939 Registration, in Dutch
Kloosterman Elias   University of Michigan Dental Commencement Program 1911
Kloosterman Jacob 1929-19937 Correspondence envelopes
Kluitenberg Peter   Windmill model plans, 8 pages
Klynstra Jacob/Viola 2007 60th wedding anniversary announcement
Knoll Kenneth/Jane 2007 60th wedding anniversary announcement
Kole John W. (Jack) 1985 Brief newspaper article copy
Kolk Hilda 1940 Wedding shower card from friends, shower party game
Kolvoord Jan 1949 Newspaper article copy - memoir
Kolyn Andries 1880-1977 Family history
Koning Phillip no date Newspaper article copy - founding of Macatawa Bank
Koning Simon/Sara 2006 60th wedding anniversary announcements
Kool Lucas 1895 Certificate of naturalization
Koops Don/Mildred 2007 60th wedding anniversary announcement
Kortering Ernest/Joyce 2007 50th wedding anniversary announcement
Kraai - Hylarides Lori, Michael 1980 Newspaper wedding report
Kremer John (Rev.) 1908 Biographical material from General Synod handbook
Kromendyk Lydia 1914 Letter
Kroodsma Robert  1890-1983 Poems by Kroodsma, letters
Kruijthoff (Kruithof) Pieter (Peter) 1833-1974 Family history, copies of photos
Kruit Mabel 1847-1977 Family history
Kruit (Kruid) Jan 1847-1978 Family history
Kuit Lammert   Book on shelf
Kunde Grace no date Calling card
LaHuis Albert 1909-1928 Newspaper article copies, letters, receipt
LaHuis Kasper 1847-1910 Narrative, registration
Lampe Marci 2004 Newspaper article copy
Lampen (Ensign) Lester 1942 -1944(?) Letter to mother, memorial service program
Languis Adrian 1973-1990 Newspaper article copies, handwritten notes
Languis Martin 1918-1919 Military documents - induction, discharge, medical claim
Larson Clifford 1927 Boy Scout membership
Leenhouts Cornelius 1864-1947 Newspaper article, legal document
Leenhouts Lilia 1907-1963 Family history, photo copies, birth certificate
Lokers Henry 1873-2000 Booklet - How We Managed Our Way to the Top, newspaper article copies, timeline
Lokers Vern (Mrs.) 1883 Booklet, note in Dutch, military insignia
Lokker Norman & Elaine   Newspaper article
Looman Gerard 1944 Newspaper article (Memorial Day speech) - Book on shelf
Lubbers Geert 1810-1873 Letter w/ details of chair in museum
Lubbers Melvin, Roelof 1907, 1952 Registration, in Dutch, copy of newspaper article
Lubbers-Johnson Elizabeth 1847-1974 Book-Elizabeth Lubbers Johnson: Ancestors, Descendants, Remembrances
Lucas Steven 1794-1863 Short biography
Lugten Jan Harm 1865-1999 Family history
Margriet, Princess   1980, 1997 Newspaper article copies
Masselink John 1943-1980 Publications, inventory, notes, book- Dr. John Masselink: A Man of Unswerving Selflessness
Mast Erwin/Alnora n.d. 50th wedding anniversary announcements
Mast Henry/Hattie 1955 Lease/sale agreement with Junior Mast
Mast Jason 1944 Newspaper clipping
Mast Joe 1946, 1970 Death record and warranty deed copies
Mast Junior/Myra 2007 50th wedding anniversary announcements
Matthysse Marinus 1912-2000 Brief family record
McGeehan Al 2009 Newspaper article
Meengs George   Photo album in miscellaneous drawer
Meeunsen John 1847 Registration (in Dutch)
Meeuwsen Jan  1844-1960 Family history
Mepplink Jennie   Copy of hand written letter to Miss Minnie Wilkerdink, 2 ribbon book marks that go with letter.
Meulendyke Elmer 1893-1985 Discharge papers, handwritten memoirs & copies
Meyaard Geesje 1911 Legal note
Meyering John no date Copy of newspaper article re: birthday
Meyers Hannes 1992? - 2002 Copies of articles, installation program
Michmerhuizen Gerald 1980 Brief article
Miller Howard, Martha 1983-2005 Newspaper article copies, catalogs
Moerdyke Jacobus 1816-1887 Autobiography, translated; 24 volume set and 6 binders in reference section
Mossner   2004 Article about Santa visit
Nagelkirk Mary, Anna no date War ration book
Naglekirk Gordon/Hazel 2007 60th wedding anniversary announcement
Nederveld Abraham no date Family history
Nederveld Jan no date Family history
Neifer Marty 2004 Newspaper article copy
Nies Dick no date copy of article
Noorhof Susan 1898 Copy of graduation article
Nousen Harold/Jean n.d. 50th wedding anniversary announcement
Nykamap Rynd 1856-1940 Descendants of R. Nykamp - Book on shelf
Nykamp Gerrit John 1856-1915 Book on shelf
Nykerk Egbert 1907 Registration, in Dutch
Nystron Harry 1907 Report card
Olree Annie 1855-1929 Photos, summary of records
Osswarde   1871 Article about fire
Overweg George   Book on shelf
Padding   1940, 1956 Receipt, newspaper notice
Petroelje Peter 1880-1950 Family history
Plewes Thomas 1991-2002 News article copies, US Army Reserve news release, programs
Poest B.J. 1821-1924 Brief biography
Pool Robert, Lee, John no date Newspaper article
Post Abe 1885-1975 Biography - The Way We Were
Prince Henry 1952 Empty envelope
Prins Henry no date National Honor Roll certificate
Prins Klaas J. 1880-1904 Deeds, mortgage & insurance documents, Citizenship document
Prins Nicholas no date National Honor Roll certificate
Pruim Albert 1914 Wedding announcement
Pruim Bernadine J. 1905 Wedding invitation
Pyl Hendrick 1848-1929 Brief newspaper article 
Querry Ann 1994-2010 Newspaper articles
Raterink Gordon 1997 News article copies re: career & retirement
Redder Henry 2008-2014 News articles - retirement & obituary
Reidsma Irene 1979-2000 Scrapbook, newspaper article copies.  Includes some history of Bentheim
Renting Sena 2016 Photo of grave marker
Richardson Mary   Newspaper article
Riddering Jan 1788-1847 Booklet- Bi-centennial celebration of his birth
Riemersma Gerrit   House photo.  Book on shelf
Rijsdorp     Book on shelf
Ritsema Wilma 1910-1993 Autobiography
Roelofs Gilbert 1955 Cemetery plot deed
Rogers Malcolm 1996 Obituary, Zeeland High School Call to Remembrance
Rooks Gerrit & Jane 1923 Marriage announcement
Rookus George Henry 1898 Copy of graduation article
Sall Joe & Albertha (Groeneveld) 1918 - 2017 Birth certificate (Albertha), wedding booklet, biographical printout (Albertha)
Schaap Cornelius 1948 Will
Schermer Carl 1953 Legal notice, record book, estimate
Scholma Sena 1997 Newspaper article
Scholten & TerHorst   no date Provenance of collar and cuffs
Schreur Bernard/Anna 1949 Oil & gas lease
Schreur George 1958 Newspaper announcement - 50th anniversary
Seinen Lee/Marcia 2006 50th wedding anniversary announcement
Shoemaker Benjamin/
Mary Scharphorn
no date Contact information
Shoemaker Klaas 1847-present Complete family genealogy - 4 volumes  
Shoemaker Klaas   Book on shelf
Slabbekorn Russell no date Memorial article
Smallegan Jan (Hann) 1849-1907 List of descendants, historical notes
Smit Wolter   Book on shelf in English and Dutch
Smith Jim no date Brief information about Mr. Smith's experience at the end of WWII, description of uniform items donated
Snyder Phillip 2005 Copy of newspaper article 
Sooy     See Heck
South Laverne 1951-1958 Wedding announcement
Spitsbergen Jan, Henry 1847-1984 Book - Just One Son: a Spitsbergen Family Record of Two Pioneers, Centennial Certificate application, early land records, individual records
Sprik Geritjan, Adrianna 1830-1962 Family tree, photo copies
Spyker Dirk J. 1913 Election Business Card
Staal Willem 1845-1927 Family tree and misc. correspondence - Book on shelf
Stamboek     See Stamboek Familie Smit books
Steenwyk Henry   Book on shelf
Stegeman     Book on shelf
Stegeman Mannes 1819-1924 Biographical narrative & Historical Sketch of Groningen - Book on shelf
Stegeman Marybeth 1967 postcard from ‘Daddy’
Stegenga Siebolt 1847-1972 Family history
Steinfort Dirk 1877-1879 Military record book, in Dutch
Stephenson Christy 2005 Copy of newspaper article
Sterk Peter, Jo 1980 40th anniversary notice
Sterken James 1940 Postal telegraph
Struik Bruce, Elaine 2003 Copy of newspaper article
Tabor Tom 1956 Brief newspaper notice
Tanis Robert  1884-1975 Copy of Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Tanis
Telgenhof John   Newspaper clippings, certificates, copies of Telgenhof genealogy (dated 1941)
TenHarmsel Harvey 1996 Brief newspaper article - retirement
TenHave Hollis, Ralph 1938 and undated Report card, newspaper article
TerHaar Wayne 2009 Newspaper articles - retirement
Teusink Josh 2005 Copy of newspaper article
Tibbets William 1989 Copy of newspaper article
Timmer Claarence/
2007 60th wedding anniversary announcements
Timmer Dick no date Copies of 2 newspaper articles
Timmer Klaas Harms 1650-1969 Book - Timmer genealogy
Timmerman Ralph 1987 Details regarding his coat donated by his daughter
Torrey Mike 1998? Copy of newspaper article
Toth Ryan 2011 Letter
Tukker Jan 1930 Letter
Tweedle Sylvia 1994 Obituary
VanAsselt Jan 1200-1989 Book - A VanAsselt History
VanAsselt Willem   Book on shelf
VanBree D., Mary 2006 and undated Condo deed, newspaper article copy, receipt
VanBruggen Neal 2004 Newspaper photo w/ caption
VanCoevering Anthony 1994 Obituary
VanCoevering Cornelius, Dean 1867-1975 Family history
VandeBunte Anna 1991 Newspaper article - retirement
VandeLaare Abraham 1815-1895 Notes on family history
VandeLuyster Cyrus (John) no date Memoir
VandeLuyster Jannes 1648-1937 "Meet the VandeLusters" newspaper article re: Leenhouts, letter w/ translation, booklet - Life and Times of Jannes VandeLuyster
VandeLuyster Marinus 1902 Copy of historical feature (newspaper)
Vandenberg Christian 1826-1971 Family history
Vandenberg Robert  no date Copy of newspaper article
VandenBosch Graddus/
1848-1916 Narratives, family tree, records re: memorial - Book on shelf
VandenBosch Pieter, Grietje 1850-1984 Family history, narrative
VandenBosch William 1941-43 Draft notices
VandenHeuvel Dennis/Angie 2006 60th wedding anniversary announcements
VanderBurgh John 1978-2005 News article and copies, memorial booklets
VanderHeide Benjamin 1898 Teacher's Second Grade Certificate
VanderHeide Bernard 1894-1911 Teacher's certificates, tax receipts
VanderHeide Herbert 1903-1989 "Thumbnails", newspaper article copies
VanderJagt Guy no date Campaign literature
VanderKolk Alvin, Joyce 1951-1952 Wedding and birth announcements
VanderKolk Frank 1952 Farm operation agreement
VanderKolk Marvin 1944 Copy of letter to aunt and uncle
VanderKooi Jan, Randall 1980 & 2005 Wedding announcement, news article copy
VanderMeulen Cornelius 1832-1905 Sermon (includes biography) Reflections of Rev. Jacob van der Meulen (loose pages), newspaper articles
VanderMeulen Dr. C 1847-1861 Translated Remembrances of Dr. C. VanderMeulen
VanderMeulen     Looseleaf book- History of one VanderMeulen Family
VanderWall Mark no date Magazine or newsletter article
VanderWeide Mary no date Narrative
VanDijk Gerrit   Book on shelf, Vol. I and supplement
VanDorp Evelyn 1999-2007 Copies of newspaper articles
VanDort Dorothy 2015 News article - 90th birthday
VanDort Paul 1998 Newspaper article copy
VanDyke La Verne no date Memorial article
VanDyke Paul/Nora 2006 50th wedding anniversary announcement
VanHees Johannes 1809-1901 Brief family history
VanHoven Gilbert 1950 Newspaper article, memorial book, scrapbook
VanHoven Jan 1788-1991 Family group sheet
VanHoven Mamie no date Copies of looseleaf book, Our Yesterdays
VanKampen Males C 1942 Wedding booklet
VanKley   1898 Copy of graduation article
VanKoevering Antoinette, Cornelius, Johanna 1834-1996 Fact sheet (Johanna) news articles & obituaries
VanKoevering Ivan/Betty n.d. 50th wedding anniversary announcements
VanKoevering   1874-1960 Short biographies of several VanKoeverings, history of the Zeeland Record
VanKoeveringe Izak 1815-1949 Genealogy, narrative, "Martin Van Couvering Memoirs", booklet- Van Koevering Family Register, book- Genealogy of the Antoni Johannes Van Koevering Brandh of the Izaak Van Koevering Family
VanKolkenburgh Glenn 1936 Junior-senior banquet booklet
VanKolkenburgh J.S. 1914 Wedding anniversary announcement
VanLoo Cornelius, Dirk 1849-1927 Obituaries, letters, biography, stock certificates, newspaper articles, house record, speeches, "My Childhood Recollections" by Mary VanLoo, newspaper article copies, "Sleepy Time Tales" story collection
VanLoo Gertrude 1902 Graduation announcement
VanLopik Ed 1946 Receipt
VanMalsen Daniel 2003 Newspaper article copy
VanNoord Hendrik   Books on shelf - one English and one Dutch
VanNoord Jan 1766 -  ? Family history and narrative in Dutch & English, photos
VanOmmen   1917 Letter, not translated
VanPeursem John, George 1930-1998 Sermon, newspaper article copies
VanRaalte Albertus 1836-2004 Newspaper articles, biographical outline, letters
VanRegenmorter Bill 1984 Reception program
VanRhee Edward 1980 Wedding anniversary article
VanSytzama Johannes/
1814-1914 Letters, VanSytzama Mansion Renovation, account of military regiment in Netherlands
VanTubbergan Kathleen no date Newspaper article copy
VanVoorst Dorothy 1941 Newspaper picture
VanVoorst Henrietta no date Transcription of interview
VanVranken Herbert no date Newspaper article copy
VanVroeger   no date Letter, in dutch
VanWingerden Boudewijn 1853-1987 Family group records, account of military regiment in Netherlands
VanWyk Henry/Marilyn n.d. 60th wedding anniversary announcement
VanZoren Gerrit 1848-1962 "From Vriesland to Zeeland", newspaper articles, see also book A Farm Album from the Michigan Dutch Colony
Vedders   1923-1948 Empty envelopes
Veldheer Antje 1925 Mortician's bill
Veldheer Henry 1893-1929 Tax receipts, Probate Court record
Veldheer Larry, Wilma 1992-2007 Newspaper article copies
Veldheer Marlene 1936-2012 School certificates, newspaper article copy, funeral card
Veltman Lois 1992 Newspaper article
Veneklasen Berend/Roelof 1847-1928 Family group records, Veneklasen Heritage narration re: brickyard, newspaper articles, high school graduation program - 1898
Veneklasen J.H. no date Family history
Vereeke David 1828-1961 Brief list of descendents, some additional notes
VerHage Cecelia 1860- Booklet - "Dear Pen Pals", birth certificate, stock certificate, newspaper article copies, anecdotes, see also VanZoren booklet - "From Vriesland to Zeeland".
VerHage Cornelius 1795-1987 Booklet - "Genealogy of Cornelius VerHage & Neeltje Tanis Family
Verhage Dirk 1700-1988 Family genealogy (in Dutch) marriage announcement, newspaper copy, booklet - "Recollections by the VerHafe Sisters"
VerHulst Marie 1923 Marriage announcement
VerPlank Joos 1844-1921 Booklet - "Autobiography of Joos VerPlank"
Verplank Laura 1993-1994 News article
VerPlank Peter 1877-1958 Family tree, copies of photos, notes in original Dutch and translated, Dutch documents
Vis Louis 1972 Newspaper article copy
Vis William 1886-1969 Newspaper article
Visschers Peter 1860-1873 Letters researching genealogy
Volkers     Various newspaper clippings and telegrams
Vollink Bob 1977 Newspaper picture
Vollink Gerald   Commencement program, pocket notebook, WWII veteran’s banquet program
Voss Dorothy   Newspaper article and certificate
Vredeveld Almer/Bertha 2006 60th wedding anniversary announcements
Wabeke     "The Journey of" - Book on shelf
Wagner Paige 2004 Santa Clause newspaper photo
Warren Mrs. G. 1924 Newspaper ad
Wasson-Bosch Catherine 1994-2006 Newspaper article copies
Weersing Hilligje 1749-1961 Booklet - "Genealogy of the Weersing Family and Janssen Family of East Holland, MI"
Wells O. H.   See file under Zeeland Depot (businesses)
Westhoek Cornelius   Grand Haven Reflections
Westrate Richard 1980 Wedding report
Whitsitt Thomas 1952 Newspaper article copy
Wichers Henry   Copy of his patent issued June 16, 1908
Wichers William/
1848-1971 Biographies, short memoir by Edward Wichers, letter, booklet - "Willard C. Wichers: Dutch Pay Tribute to Wichers - The Dutch Connection", lumberyard business records newspaper article copies
Wiggers Henry 1992 Newspaper article
Wildschut Ralph 1914-1998 Obituary
Wiley Elmer no date Description of hand-made shovel donated by grandson
Williams Yolanda 1992 Newspaper article
Wilson President Woodrow   Democracy’s Case in a Nutshell booklet
Windemuller Henry no date Newspaper article copy
Winter Punjen(?) 1850 Land grant deed
Wollters Bern/Joyce 2007 60th wedding anniversary announcement
Wolters Joyce 2005 Newspaper photo w/ caption
Wyngarden Dennis, Clifford 1944 - 2007 Interview, Purple Heart notification - D-Day information
Wyngarden Ryan 1987 Newspaper article (dated Mar. 3, 2013)
Yntema Gordon 1968(?) Obituary, newspaper article
Yntema Clarence "Kelly" 1997 Obituary, memorial card
Yntema Hessel 1847-1954 Book - The Family of Hessel O. Yntema Frisian Immigrant to Michigan, 1847; See also Yntema - Book on shelf
Yonker Arnold 1993 Newspaper article - retirement
Yonkers Myrtle 1980 Newspaper article - retirement
    See file under Jonkheer
Ypma Martin 1810-1892(?) Booklet - Met DeDominee De OceaanOver Ds. Marten Annes Ypma (in Dutch), newspaper article copy, family group records
Zandee Minnie 1993 “Cousins Reunited When Zeeland Meets Zeeland” article from the Zeeland Record
Zandee Peter and Marie 1951-1977 Dutch passports for both (1951), Holland-America Line (ship) Passenger List  (1951), “Immigrants are Good English Students” article from the Zeeland Record (1952), “They like it Here” article from the Zeeland Record (1952), Certificate of Naturalization for both (1957), Certificate of Congratulations of Citizenship from Gerald R. Ford, U.S. Rep. for both, letter from the U.S. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service (1957), Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag card, Welcome to the U.S.A. “Citizenship” pamphlet, U.S. passports for both (1977)
Zoet Dick 1918 Induction Notices
Zoet Honnes 1911-1926 Marriage announcement, license & vehicle registration, legal notice
Zwagerman Johannes no date Brief newspaper article copy w/ photos, dated 1993
Zwagerman Staffel/
1984 Newspaper clipping - centennial farm
Zwemer Adrian 1849-1864 Immigration narrative and launch of missionary ship - The Ship That Sailed and the Keel That Never Kissed the Sea, newspaper clipping regarding letters
Zwemer-Boon Adrian 1842-1898 Book - Genealogy and History of the Zwemer-Boon Family (translated)