Death Records - Online

The Zeeland Historical Society has been collecting death records for many years. We are now able to share the information with the public. 


You will find our death records organized by date added. Therefore, they are NOT in alphabetical sequence.



Compiled by Susan Norder - September 2015

Updated: November 2017


NOTE: Our death records are located outside of this website.

How to view our collection...

Click on a collection of death records. Then click on an image. If you cannot see the caption automatically, press the "i" (Info) at the top right of page.


Downloading images...

You have our permission to download images. Our only request is that you use "Zeeland Historical Society" as your source.

Our collection contains the following types of records: 

  • Obituary
  • Register of death
  • Transcribed Death Record (prior to 1901)
  • Permit for Burial
  • In Memory of
  • Miscellaneous items