Business Histories - Index

If you are looking for information about a Zeeland business, you have come to the right place. The items listed under "Contents of file" are only samples of what might be found in our collection. See "Zeelander" for more information.


Note: This index includes, but is not limited to, the businesses listed below. We will be adding more information periodically, so visit us often.


The Business Histories listed below are located at the Zeeland Museum.


Compiled by Janet Schoettle - February 2016

Updated: August 2019

Abbie's Alley Restaurant no date Newspaper article Restaurant
Airport, Vriesland no date Newspaper articles Transportation
All-Ott Farm no date Newspaper article Agriculture
American Canadian Drugs 2004 Newspaper article copy Drug re-sale
Armour Fertilizers 1954 Pocket notebook Agriculture
Art Products Co. no date Letters, photos Wood products
At the Diner 2006 Newspaper article copy Restaurant
Axis Tanning 2004 Newspaper article copy Tanning salon
Backyard Emporium 2007 Newspaper article copy Wood products
Basket Boutique 2005 Newspaper article copy Confectionery
Batts 1986-1999 Newspaper article copies Wood products
Batts Plaza 2007 Newspaper article copy  
Beaverdam Creamery 1979 Newspaper article Food
Bennett Wood Specialties 1980 Newspaper article Wood products
Berghorst Plumbing 1974-2000 Receipts, newspaper articles Plumbing
Big Dutchman no date Newspaper picture copy, book in reference Agriculture
Big Little Miniature Golf, The no date Scorecard Recreation
Bill Mar 1997-2011 Newspaper articles & copies Agriculture
Boardwalk Fitness 2006 Newspaper article copy Fitness
Bohl's of Borculo no date Souvenir menu Restaurant
Bon Ton Shop no date Copy  of advertisment Clothing
Boone & Co. no date Copy  of advertisment Clothing
Boonstra, F. & Co. 1939 Catalog of merchandise Clothing
Bosch's Restaurant 1993-1995 and earlier Newspaper articles & copies Restaurant
Bouwens, J. Co. no date Copy of photo, advertiement Clothing
Bouwens and Sons Construction 1994 Newspaper article copy Construction
BPW (Board of Public Works) 1937-2005 Newspaper articles, annual reports Utility
Bristol Myers/Mead Johnson 1938-2005 Newspaper article copies, company publications Food
Brummels Furniture 1983 Newspaper article copy Furniture
Brusse, P. no date Small ad Clothing
Bunte's Pharmacy Sacks Captain Sundae Restaurant
Camfield Fiberglass Plastics Unknown Pay Statement (stub)  
Certified Radio 1948 Receipt Retail
Chamber of Commerce 1995-2006 Directories, annual dinner programs Organization
Chick'n Lick'n 2010 Newspaper article Restaurant
City of Zeeland 1907-1955 Legal documents Government
Chicky Restaurant no date Copy of advertisiment Restaurant
Chinatown Restaurant 2004 Newspaper article copy Restaurant
Citizens Telephone Co. 1900 Bill Communications
City of Zeeland 1978 Newsletter “The Zeeland City Communique” Vol 11. No. 1 City of Zeeland
City on a Hill 2007-2007 Newspaper article copies, newsletter Organization
Civic Club 1915 Banquet program Organization
Claret's Café no date Personal narratives Restaurant
Clothes Junkie 2007 Newspaper article copy Clothing
Coliseum Roller Rink 1948 Copy of advertisiment Entertainment/Recreation
Colonial Clock Co. 1911-2006 Newspaper articles, catalogs, narratives Furniture
Community Foundation 2001-2005 Annual Reports Organization
Community Restaurant no date Advertisement Restaurant
Country Life Restaurant no date Menu Restaurant
D&W Grocery 2006 Newspaper article copy Grocery
Danhof Insurance 1948 Receipt Insurance
DeBruyn Produce 1963-2012 Newspaper article copies, narrative Agriculture
DeJonge & DePree 1916 Receipt Merchant
Dekker's Jewelry 2004-2012 Newspaper article copies, narrative Jewelry
DeKruif (H) Implements 1903 + Newspaper advertisments, receipt Retail
DenHerder, J. and Son 189_ Receipt  
DePree & Elenbaas 1895 Receipt, announcement of closure Hardware
DePree Hardware 1907-1994 Narratives, legal documents, stock certificates, advertisements Hardware
Derks & Buter Coal no date advertisements, newspaper article Utility
Deters Machine Service 1947 Invoice Manufacturing
DeVries Photography 1984-2012 Newspaper articles, narrative, photos Photographer
Donkersloot Law 2004 Notice of open house Legal
Don's Flowers 2000-2005 Newspaper article copies Florist
Dozeman Casket Co. no date Shipping labels Caskets
Drenthe Telephone Co. 1994-2004 Newspaper articles Communications
Dutch Treat Camping & Recreation no date Brochure with rates and information Recreation
Dutch Woodcraft 1964 + Envelope, narrative Wood products
East Limits Dairy 1956 Receipt Food
Eco-Reef 2005 Newspaper article, copies Retail
Edible Arrangements 2005 Newspaper article copy Retail
Edwards (Wm.) Ltd. 2005 Newspaper article copies Consulting
Electric & Light Co. 1937 Newspaper article copy Utility
Elenbaas & Co. 1897 Receipt Hardware
Elkhart Carriage & Harness Co. 1900 Catalog announcement Transportation
Enterprise Meat Market no date Newspaper photo and brief article Grocery
Extol, Inc. 2005 Newspaper article copy Manufacturing
Fabric Shop no date Newspaper ad copy Retail
Family Fare 1980-2002 Newspaper article copies Grocery
Five Star Realty 2007 Newspaper article copy Real Estate
First Michigan Bank 1978 Newspaper article copies Banking
Fountainhead Gardens no date Newspaper article copy Landscaping
Frank's 2014 and others Advertisements Restaurant
Frontier   no contents  
Fuel Systems Textron 1987 News article Manufacturing
Gentex 1966-2007 Newspaper article copies Manufacturing
Getz Farm/Zoo 1963 Newspaper article copy Entertainment/Recreation
GMB Architects no date Newspaper article copy Construction
H. Claver & Company no date Newspaper ad Service
Haan's Hardware 1950-1951 Invoices Retail
Hall Coal & Ice/ Express no date Printout, article copy Utility
Hat Shop - Fox no date Obituary for owner, Mary Fox Retail
Hatcheries (folder 1)   Contains multiple folders - Caball's Superior Poultry Farm, Central Farms Hatchery, Silver Ward Hatchery, Townline Poultry, VanBree Poultry, The Chick Industry in the Zeeland Area, Lists of Zeeland Hatcheries Agriculture
Hatcheries (folder 2) 1925-1933 Various manuals, newspaper article & copy Agriculture
Hatcheries (folder 3) 1947-2003 Advertisments from various hatcheries, Michigan History Magazine Agriculture
Harbor Toy Company no year Post card announcing grand opening Retail
Haven Huis/Rest Haven   Letters , minutes, reports, Nursing home
Heidema Box & Lumber Co. 1951 Receipt and envelope addressed to John G. Meppelink, Borculo Construction
Heidema Lumber Co. no date Narrative, copy of photo Construction
Herman Miller CO. 1948-2006 Fortune Magazine reprint, designer profiles, newspaper article copies, numerous company publications Furniture
Heuvelhorst & Sons 1948-1949 Invoices Construction
Hieftje Electrical 1950 Invoice Construction
Hieftje Foods no date Copy of advertisiment Grocery
Hoesch & Dekker 1997 Blueprint Attorneys
Holleman-DeWeerd Auto Co. 1924 Newspaper ad Automotive
Home Grocery and Market 1942 & undated Newspaper articles, brochure Furniture
Howard Miller Community Center 1978 and 2004 Brochures Organization
Hubbard, Spencer, Bartlet & Co. 1933 Advertising card Manufacturing
Hubbel, H. L. 2005 & undated Newspaper article copy, brochures, narrative Furniture
Hubbell Mfg. 1952 newspaper article copies Furniture
Huizenga Grocery 1936-1990 Receipts, advertisement, narrative Grocery
Huizenga Memorial Hospital 1955 Building contracts Medical
Huyser Dry Goods 1886 Receipts Retail
Interurban station 1992 City Communique Service
I.G.A. Food Store 1939 Advertisment Food
Ippel Painting 2004 Newspaper article copy Construction
Jaarda's 1963 Newspaper advertisments Retail
Jansen Farms 2009-2011 Driver's logs Agriculture
Jay's Restaurant no date Advertisement Restaurant
Jimmy John's 2006 Newspaper article copy Restaurant
John's Battery & Electric 2004 Newspaper article copy, copies of photoes Automotive
Karsten (H.H.) Auto 1915 Letterhead Automotive
Karsten & Wybenga no date Advertisment Appliances
KLO-2529 Radio no date Advertisment Communications
Kole (J.H.) Auto 1928(?) Copy of photo, advertiement Automotive
Komejan Box & Lumber 1948-49 Invoices Construction
Kraak Coal Co. 1948 Invoice Utility
Kroger Grocery 1930 Advertisement Grocery
LaHuis Co. 1911-1920 Store magazine, advertisments, receipts, newspaper article & copy Retail
Land of Food 1972 Advertisment Grocery
Langius Furnaces 1949 Invoice Construction
LeCafe no date Menu Restaurant
Lions Club 1944-1955 Play and banquet programs Organization
Lippert 2004 Copy of newspaper article Manufacturing
Lokkers Shoes 1963, others no date advertisements, newspaper articles Retail
Macatawa Bank 2005 Invitation Banking
Main Clothing & Shoe Co. no date Coupons Retail
Main Place Antique Mall no date Advertisement Retail
Massage Therapy Cnt. 2004 Newspaper article copy Service
Mast Heating & Cooling 2004 Copy of obituary article Construction
Mead Johnson 1925, 1961 Incorporation document, award Food
Mead Johnson Nov. 1969 Newsletter “Mead Johnson News” Vol. 12, No. 7 Manufacturing
Medical Access & Research 2006 Newspaper article copy Medical
Meeuwsen, J Hides & Poultry no date Tag Agriculture
Middlehoek Dry Goods & Grocery no date Copy of photo  Retail
Mirant 2001-2005 Ribbon-cutting program, newspaper article copies Utility
Montgomery Ward & Co. 1930 Receipt Retail
Myers Scout Museum no date Brochures Organization
News and Views 1944 Newsletter Organization
Northuis Livery Stable no date Business card Transportation
Nykamp Bros. 1914 Receipt Retail
Nykamp's Store no date Advertisment Grocery
Oakland Creamery 1917 letter Food
ODL 1995-2006 Newspaper article copies Manufacturing
Oil and gas leases 1927-1954 Legal documents Utility
On  Silver Shores 2006 Coupons Retail
Ottawa County Jail 1961 Open house brochure Government
Ottawa Creamery Co. 1887-1890 Bills, stock certificate Food
Ottawa Roof & Truss Co. 1967 Envelope Construction
Pathfinder's Travel 1980 Newspaper advertisement Service
People's Market no date Newspaper advertisement Grocery
Personal Safety Products no date Advertisement Retail
Petrino's Pizzaria 2006 Newspaper article copy Restaurant
Phenix Cheese Co. 1975-2012 Articles, narrative and undated cards Food
Pieper Barber Shop no date Newspaper clipping Service
Pieper Jewelry/Optical 1911-1915 Bills, receipts, newspaper articles Retail
Pizza Hut no date Newspaper article Restaurant
Poest Bros. no date Coupons Retail
Polyart Designs no date Business card Design
Premier Sign no date Business card Design
Pruim, E. J. Undertaking 1920 Receipt Retail & service
Public 2012 Newspaper articles Restaurant
Pyramid Oil Co. 1963 Newspaper advertisement Utility
Quality Fuel & Supply 1996 Newspaper, invoices Utility
Quality Furniture 1963 Newspaper advertisement Retail
Rief, VanDen Bosch Co. no date Advertisment copy Agriculture
Riding Club 1947 Program of events Recreation
Rollarena Skating Center 1983 Newspaper advertisement Recreation
Royal Casket Co. 1976-2012 Copies of articles Manufacturing
Ryskamp Bros. Paint & Wallpaper 1892 Copy of photo (newspaper?) Retail
Russcher Hog Farm 1991 Newspaper articles Agriculture
Second Chance Shop 2005 Newspaper article copy Retail
Scholten Shoes 1994-2004 Newspaper article and copies Retail
Schwinn Bicycle 2013-2014 Newspaper article copies Retail
Shoemaker, J. Shoes 1963 Advertisements Retail
Silver Fox Glassworks 2005-2006 Newspaper article copies Retail
Sligh Furniture 1980-2004 Newspaper articles, company publication Manufacturing
Star Furniture 1905 Newspaper article copy Manufacturing
Style Beauty Salon 1963 Newspaper advertisement Service
Sweet Bean Café no date Newspaper article copy Restaurant
Taatjes & Tol, Inc. no date Building map Real Estate
Talsma Jewelry 2006 Newspaper article copy Retail
Teusink's foods no date Receipt Grocery
Townsend Manufacturing Co. no date Advertisment, book in reference Manufacturing
Trend Clock Co. 1965-1969 Catalog, product tags, price list Manufacturing
Unity Mills no date Photograph Agriculture
VanBree Drugs 1916 Receipt Drugs
VanDenBosch, John A Co. 2002-2007 Newspaper article copies Agriculture
VandenBrink, A. Indurance no date Advertisement Insurance
Vandermeer & Timmer Lumber 1902 Receipt Lumber
VanDyke Co. 1915 Advertisement, letter Household goods
VanEenenaam Grocery no date Advertisment Grocery
VanEnk Woodcrafters 2005 Newspaper article copy Wood products
VanHaitsma & Berghosrt 1948-50 Receipts, letter Service
VanHoven, Gil Live Stock no date Business card Agriculture
VerPlank Mfg. Co. 1950 Receipt, advertisement Caskets
VanPursem, attorney 1950-1951 Letters Service
VanRaalte's Restaurant 1989-1998 Newspaper articles & copies, misc. Restaurant
Van's electric no date Postcards Utility
Van's Super Service no date, 2014 Company publications, narrative Automotive
Veneklassen Auto Parts 2012 Narrative Automotive
veneklassen Bricks 1947-2005 Narratives, newspaper article copies Construction
VerHage Hardware 1997 Narrative Retail
VerHage Milling 1911 & other Letter and narrative, book in reference Agriculture
Vis Radio & Restaurant no date Advertisement Retail
Vitale's Pizza 2007 Newspaper article Restaurant
Vita Products, Inc. no date Advertisment copy Food
Vollink Gros. no date Advertisement copy Automotive
Wagenaar, J. 1947 Receipt Retail
Walter's Gardents 2006 Newspaper article copy, tag Agriculture
Warren Millinery 1930 Receipt Retail
Wayne Feed Store no date Advertisement copy Agriculture
West Side Service no date Business card Automotive
Westenbroek Gravel 1947-54 Bills Service
Wichers Lumber 1913-1920 Receipts, advertisement Construction
Wierda's Paint 1963 Advertisement Household goods
Wieringa & VanHees no date Advertisement Household goods
Wiersma Store no date Price list Grocery
Wind Turbine 2002 Newspaper article copy Schools
Wolverine Furniture 1912 Stock certificates Manufacturing
Wolverine Hatchery 1939 Newspaper advertisement Agriculture
Woodward FST 2001 Newspaper article copy Manufacturing
WPNW Radio Station 2004 Newspaper article Communications
Wyngarden Print Shop 1951 Bill Service
Yerkey Ford 1967 Newspaper article Automotive
Yntema Funeral Home no date Newspapaer article Service
Zeeland Bakery 2001 and undated Newsarticles Grocery
Zeeland Book Shop 1947-1997 Receipts, newspaper articles Retail
Zeeland Brick 1892-2010 Correspondence, narritives, newspaper article copies, pictures Construction
Zeeland Chamber of Commerce 2005 Newspaper article copy, publication Organization
Zeeland Chemicals no date Newspaper article copy Manufacturing
Zeeland Community Hospital 2006 Advertisement Health care
Zeeland Depot no date Narrative Transportation
Zeelannd Dry Cleaners no date Advertisement Service
Zeeland Farm Services 1980-2006 Newspaper articles and copies Manufacturing
Zeeland Farmers Co-operative 1950 Receipt Agriculture
Zeeland Farmers Co-operative 1951 Annual Financial Statement Agriculture
Zeeland Floral & Gifts 1980 Advertisement Retail
Zeeland Flower Farms no date Empty envelope Agriculture
Zeeland Furniture Co. 1902-1997 Receipts, correspondence, narrative, price lists, samples Wood products
Zeeland Fuel & Lime Co. 1910 Receipt Construction
Zeeland Hardware no date Newspaper article Retail
Zeeland Hospital 1928-2007 Publications, newspaper articles and copies, narratives Health care
Zeeland Industrial Park   empty   
Zeeland Jewelers no date Receipt tablet, business card  
Zeeland Lumber 1950-2005 Receipts, newspaper article copies Construction
Zeeland Milling Co., 1899-1902 Correspondence, receipt Agriculture
Zeeland Millinery 1895 Receipt Retail
Zeeland Ornamental Co. 1933-2006 Price lists, newspaper article copy Manufacturing
Zeeland Post Office 1903 - 2004 Correspondence, newspaper articles, nartrative,  Directory of Rural Mail Routes Government
Zeeland Poultry no date Brochure Food
Zeeland Print Shop 1853-2012 Newspaper article copies, book - Early American Advertising Art Communications
Zeeland Radiator no date Business card Automotive
Zeeland Record 1924-2006 Newspaper articles, receipts Communications
Zeeland Sports Center 2005 Newspaper articles Retail
Zeeland Sports Hall of Fame   Bi-annual dinner programs Organization
Zeeland Super Market no date Advertisement Retail
Zeeland Wood Turning 1992-2012 Newspaper article copies Wood products
Zeeland Variety 1963 Newspaper ad Retail